Naylor School SSO Earns 2020 School Safety Officer Of The Year Award

Naylor School SSO Earns 2020 School Safety Officer Of The Year Award

Below is the content of the 2020 School Safety Officer Of The Year Award ceremony speech of Hartford Public Schools Director of Security, Daryl K. Roberts:

The Covid 19 pandemic has brought a public health crisis in 2020 not seen in the United States for over 100 years. It has been a time of economic hardships, civil unrest, and great public health concern wrought by the pandemic.

Despite these challenges, Hartford School Safety Officers have been called upon to provide the essential services of providing safe learning environments for our youth, and distributing donated food to the needy. They have performed these duties with the dedication and commitment to their profession that exemplifies our organization. I am proud to work alongside the many men and women whose stars shine light to guide those in need.  Today we are here to honor one star among those many, whose light shone brightest in 2020.

He selflessly dedicated himself to Naylor School where he works by volunteering his time for numerous civic events, as well as volunteering time to coach the basketball and soccer teams. His dedication to the Department of School Safety was no less, as he served as Union Vice President under President Dave Dufault.  Beyond these accolades, he has functioned as a sage statesman for his fellow officers who call upon his wisdom.

We are proud to announce that this year’s School Safety Officer of the Year is Naylor School’s SSO Jeremy McElroy.

The Executive Assistant at Naylor CCSU Leadership Academy, Nery Cano states, “Officer McElroy is a great SSO and a role model for our kids! We are so proud of him.”

SSO McElroy from a collage/video Naylor School created for their students “showing his commitment to our school family.”


In addition to presenting the Officer of the Year Award, we will also present safety officers at nine    schools with the following awards:

  • Exemplary Service
  • Perfect Attendance
  • Ten Year and Twenty Year Commendations
  • COVID-19 Service

The Office of Safety and Security will continue with these award presentations throughout the month of November, 2020, on Wednesdays (half-days).  These presentations are conducted outside with the safety personnel assigned to their respective schools in their district (North, Central and South).  Award recipients will be announced.

Hartford Public Schools Director of Security, Daryl K. Roberts remarks, “It is with pride that I recognize our School Safety Officers and their Supervisors who despite the challenges of the current pandemic, continue to provide a safe and secure learning environment for all our schools while being cognizant of the safety for the professionals at Central Office.”

We appreciate their dedicated service down through the years, and their continued service to our students, staff and families.