Nuchette Black-Burke, Chief Engagement & Partnerships Officer

Nuchette Black-Burke, Chief Engagement & Partnerships Officer

(860) 695-8748

Ms. Black-Burke is an innovative and collaborative community and family engagement professional with over 10 years of experience in education coordination and non-profit program administration. Ms. Black-Burke has extensive communication and relationship -building experience across diverse populations, ranging from work with teenagers and young adult students, to community, civic, educational and political leaders, via workshop facilitation, board membership, advocacy efforts, an public speaking. Ms. Black-Burke is highly skilled in grant program management, successfully developing structures for sustainability within programs.

In her most recent role of Hartford Community Schools Coordinator with the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving’s Hartford Partnership for Student Success, Ms. Black-Burke worked to ensure the implementation and ongoing operation of high-quality community schools in Hartford. Prior to this role, Ms. Black-Burke served as Community School Director for Thirman Milner School with Catholic Charities where she had overall responsibility for the school’s implementation of the community school strategy.

Prior to this work, Ms. Black-Burke served as Program Administrator for the Educational Main Street programs at the University of Hartford where she oversaw the daily operations of the EMS programs to ensure that quality standards were met and programs met compliance with all grant requirements.

She holds certifications in family engagement in education from Harvard University and family development and middle management institute credentials from the City of Hartford.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Western Connecticut State University
  • Master’s degree, Educational Technology, University of Hartford

As Chief Outreach, Community Partnerships & Family Engagement Officer, Nuchette Black-Burke oversees:
Family & Community Engagement
Community Partnerships
The Hartford Foundations for Public Giving’s Hartford Partnership for Student Success Program
Community Schools
The Welcome Center (Family Services)
School Governance Councils
High School Internships