The Office of Performance and Accountability leads the development and effective implementation of systems for the collection, analysis, reporting, presentation and use of student data at all levels of the district; establishes and monitors processes and procedures to ensure high standards for data integrity, and that data are maintained and reported in accordance with state and federal laws; informs the district’s data strategy and guides the use of data for continuous improvement; and partners closely with stakeholders as appropriate on matters related to student information and assessment, staff information and evaluation, instructional quality, and educational research, among others.

The dedicated team members of OPA work in concert with schools, district departments, parent leadership, community organizations, and universities to identify and conduct key research. The OPA staff provides high quality analysis of districts operations and student data. The team focuses on producing user friendly, relevant, and timely reports for all district, state, and community customers. The office maintains district data bases, provides technical support, administer assessments, initiate program evaluation, and apply findings to inform the academic and operational course of the Hartford Public Schools under its reform model.

The department provides leadership in cultivating and expanding the district’s fundamental knowledge and understanding of assessment, provides technological leadership to help drive the best data management solutions that help our district achieve their objectives outlined in the Strategic Operating Plan (SOP)

Moreover, the department aggressively promotes the application of such knowledge to improve student achievement and teacher effectiveness through practical application of a data-driven decision making model, as well as ensure the district builds and maintains high quality data management systems that can support effective instructional practices in all of Hartford’s schools, which includes holding high standards for data integrity throughout the district. We accomplish these objectives through its active collaboration with administrators, teachers, the community and the assistant superintendents towards meeting the goals of the Strategic Operating Plan.


Dr. Bethany Silver, Ph.D. Chief Performance Officer
Abby Olinger Quint Senior Director of Data and Accountability 860-695-8553
Phuong Le Student Data Analyst & Reporting Specialist 860-695-8857
Richard Lindwall Application Development Coordinator 860-757-9435
Charlene Mastria Coordinator of Assessment Programs 860-695-8533
Ryan Maas End User Support Technician 860-757-9421
Shayne Reed Assessment and Research Associate 860-695-8533