OUR PARTNERS: Girl Scout Troop at Burr Community School

OUR PARTNERS: Girl Scout Troop at Burr Community School

“Dual Capacity” is the idea of bringing parents and professionals together to co-create educational environments and experiences for students.  There has been a great example of this this year at Burr School, where staff and parents have partnered to bring Girl Scout troops to the girls at the school.  The Girl Scouts is a leadership development program whose mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place.  The opportunities and adventures that Girl Scouts provides helps girls to explore their world and their place in it.  (Above photo, Burr Girl Scouts making slime as part of a science lesson.) Oscar Caamaño, the City Connects Site Coordinator at Burr worked with Sarafina Robinson at the Hartford Girl Scouts office to plan for the program.

The partnership with Girl Scouts allowed for as many Burr students become Girl Scouts at no cost as long as parents signed all required documentation. However, the program would require volunteers to serve as troop leaders.  Mr. Caamaño was able to recruit 2 parents, 6 teachers, the Community School Director as well as one additional community volunteer, to be formally trained as group leaders by the Girl Scouts organization.  Currently there are 57 girls in the Burr Girls Scouts Program across three troops and a total of 11 volunteers. The girls love attending Girl Scouts Troop every Monday after school and it has definitely made a positive impact in their lives. We are very grateful to the Girl Scouts of Connecticut for committing to support any Burr Girl Scout Camp who wishes to attend summer camp at Camp Merriewood in Manchester this summer!

Burr Girl Scout Troop Volunteers

Ms. Fournier – 3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Valenti – 3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. Pinchin – 3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. DelGreco – Cousin of Ms. Pinchin

Ms. Xhoxhi – ELL Teacher

Ms. Vita – Community School Director

Ms. Shaw – 4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Bohman – 1st Grade Teacher

Mr. Caamaño – City Connects School Site Coordinator

Ms. Ortiz – Parent to 1st grade student

Ms. Pineda – Parent to Kindergarten student

Burr Community School staff present a Partnership Award to the Girls Scouts.  From left to right are:  Gladys Romero of the Girl Scouts, Oscar Caamaño from HPS/City Connects, Sarafina Robinson of the Girl Scouts, Barbara Vita from the Village for Families and Children, and Madame Fabienne Pierre-Maxwell Burr School Principal