OUR PARTNERS: Hartford Performs and Hartford Public Schools, A Creative Partnership

OUR PARTNERS: Hartford Performs and Hartford Public Schools, A Creative Partnership

Hartford Public Schools is extremely fortunate to have an innovative eight-year partnership with Hartford Performs that connects students to experiences that enhance their exposure to the arts and deepen their learning.  Planning for this unique community partnership model began in 2009, and in this school year, will bring arts experiences to every Hartford Public Schools student in the PK-8 schools.

Rather than arts in schools being an “extra” or a luxury, it is now abundantly clear from research that students learn best when they have an emotional and even physical connection to what they are learning, which the arts are well-suited to provide.  In addition, arts-infused instruction fosters creative thinking, problem solving, and collaboration.  In our 21st century information age, where educators are preparing student for jobs that have not yet been created, these skills are not just nice to have, but necessary for future success in life.

Using the medium of the arts, the teaching of any content: literature, history, social studies, science, math; can be tailored to connect to topics and experiences that are culturally relevant for youth and that connect to their everyday, real-world experiences.  Students may develop a dance to embody the way that planets revolve on their axes while orbiting the sun; learn a drumming sequence that mirrors a mathematical pattern; or create visual or performance art that illustrates an historical event, a culture, or a period of time.


The distinctive and invaluable feature of the Hartford Performs partnership is in its thoughtful matching of teachers and students to a broad range of 150 visual and performing artists.  The organization thoroughly vets artists who align to learning standards in both core curriculum subjects and the arts, trains and prepares both classroom teachers and teaching artists to have the most productive partnerships, and facilitates effective matches to maximize the learning experiences for students.  We look forward to the continued growth of this partnership that opens new worlds of experience, perspective, and learning to Hartford students.

For more information, please visit the Hartford Performs website here http://www.hartfordperforms.org/.