OUR SCHOOLS: English Language Learners Teachers and Coaches Host Blended Learning Night for Families of our ELL Students

OUR SCHOOLS: English Language Learners Teachers and Coaches Host Blended Learning Night for Families of our ELL Students

M.D. Fox Elementary School held its 3rd annual Middlebury Interactive Languages (MIL) family night on January 26th, 2017. With over 35% of our student population identified as English Learners, MD Fox has embraced Middlebury Interactive Languages (MIL) to help service students in grades 3-8 with daily ESL (English as a Second Language) blended-learning instruction through MIL.

Students participating in daily MIL classes are engaged at their level of English proficiency; participating in theme-based instruction with a certified TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) teacher through components of whole group, small group, and online instruction.

Students proudly share their portfolios with their family members.

Each year, families are invited to MD Fox to celebrate their child’s progress in acquiring English language proficiency by using the MIL program. Families are greeted with an array of photos of their students engaging in the daily work of the program. MIL is introduced to families and follows with an interactive tour of MIL within each student’s classroom. The team of TESOL teachers invites families into their MIL classrooms, engaging parents in the blended learning platform and theme based activities in order to give parents a real-life experience of what their students’ engage in on a daily basis.

The impact of this event has been monumental to building positive home-family partnerships with our EL population at MD Fox. Families are enthusiastic to join in their child’s learning and understand the work that their child is engaging in during the MIL block.

ELL teacher, Ms. Rivas reflects, “I am very proud of my students’ progress. It was very exciting when a parent expressed to me ‘I wish I could be a part of this program, because I know I will learn English! I see my daughter learning so much!’ Parents are so excited; I invited them to come join my classes!”

Another of our dynamic ELL teachers, Ms. Alvarado states, “MIL night broadens everyone’s view– especially those of the families– of the hands-on, visual, auditory, and kinesthetic components of students’ learning and language development. MIL gives students a safe place to practice their English while building content knowledge and peer relationships.”

Families interact with MiL modules.

Hosting this event invites the school, teachers, students, and families to build positive connections that last a lifetime.

We thank the ESL Teachers of MD Fox: Miriam Rodriguez, Rose Alvarado, Nancy Cohen, and Carmen Rivas; ELL District Coach Jocelyn Tamberello-Noble; and especially Kathryn Cavicchi, K-8 ELL Coach at M.D. Fox Elementary School for her hard work and for submitting this article.

For more information about the essential, crucial work of ELL at HPS, please contact Monica Quinones, Executive Director of English Learner Services at Hartford Public Schools.