OUR SCHOOLS: Thirman L. Milner School Students Bring Home Top Prize in Black History Bee

OUR SCHOOLS: Thirman L. Milner School Students Bring Home Top Prize in Black History Bee

Published on Mar 17, 2016


The campaign, called “Calling All Brothers,” was launched by Pastor AJ Johnson and DeVaughn Ward. “The way our country and leadership portrays black men is disturbing,” Johnson told Quartz. This group has offered positivity to our Hartford Students in many ways.  The most memorable is Aug 25, 2015 the group organized 100 Black Men of many professions dressed in their best, to welcome students back to school at Martin Luther King Jr. School.  Their hope is portray a more POSITIVE image of Black Men. 

Jose Ortiz, Jonathan Malave, Principal Karen Lott, Raeqwan Womack, Angel Bermudez,and Ashwell Webb

On February 20, 2016 the group hosted its 1st annual Black History Bee at the Hartford Public Library in downtown Hartford.  The contest took form like the popular TV Show, Jeopardy.  It was hosted by NBC Anchor Leslie Mayes. The contestants came from the area Elementary Schools: Martin Luther King School, Fred D. Wish Elementary School, Thirman L. Milner School, Clark Elementary School, and Simpson Waverly School.  Members of Calling All Brothers served as mentors while conducting working lunches during the weeks preceding the contest.  Calling All Brothers members met the students at their perspective schools 1 to 2 days a week to coach and quiz the students on Black History Facts.  The categories were Black Inventors, Pop Culture, Civil Rights, Science, Government, and Africa: The Source.

It was an amazing day of healthy competition between the students and The Brothers alike.  The staff members in attendance at all levels showed school spirit and Principals: Kesha Ryan, Tayarisha Stone and Karen Lott were present cheering their students on as well. 

In the end, Thirman L. Milner School’s Ahwell Webb, Jonathan Malave, Angel Bermudez, Raeqwan Womack, and Jose Ortiz with Calling All Brothers Captains, Pastor AJ Johnson and Ryan Biggs emerged victorious.  All students were awarded certificates and medals for their participation.  The winning school was also awarded a trophy along with a limousine ride to the restaurant of their choice. 

Thank you Calling All Brothers for being a pivotal role model for our students. 

Click here to watch the event courtesy of Good News TV.

Mayor Thirman L. Milner honored during Black History Bee by Calling All Brothers Members


“Limousine Ride to Lunch”

Captain Ryan Biggs, Raqwan Womack, Aswell Webb, Jonathan Malave, Jose Ortiz and Captain Pastor AJ Johnson


Milner School Prinicpal Karen Lott (L.) with NBC Connecticut's Leslie Mayes


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