Vision and Mission

Actions speak louder than words: the most important thing for parents to understand about our Mission and Vision is that these words inform our actions. We are working purposefully, guided by our Strategic Operating Plan (PDF) and Theory of Action, toward specific goals.

On a daily basis, at the personal level, our teachers and administrators are taking action to bring about the full potential of each and every one of our students. Still, it is important to have principles to keep us on track during our progress. We share them here with you.


Inspire and prepare ALL students to create their own success in and beyond school.


HPS students will transform their world.

Theory of Action

If we set and hold all students to high EXPECTATIONS
If we ENGAGE all students in meaningful, differentiated ways that match their needs and meet their interests
If we focus on the growth of EACH AND EVERY student and school
If we EXPAND the capacity of our leaders, staff, and schools
THEN, we will achieve EQUITABLE outcomes in which every student thrives and every school is high performing

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