Parkville Community School Partners in Proposal for Hartford Decides

Parkville Community School Partners in Proposal for Hartford Decides

Published on Mar 17, 2016


There are expos and voting coming up beginning on Saturday, March 19th where all students over the age of 13 and their parents can see which community projects are in the works and vote for them. Here is more information about Hartford Decide$:

Hartford Decide$ is the states’ first participatory budgeting initiative. Participatory budgeting is a different way to manage public money, and to engage people in government. It is a democratic process in which community members directly decide how to spend part of a public budget. Though each experience is different, most follow a similar basic process: residents brainstorm issues & ideas, volunteers emerge to form teams which help develop proposals based on these ideas, residents vote on proposals, and the government implements the top projects. Hartford Decide$ is open to any resident of Hartford 13 yrs of age or older no matter citizenship status. The City of Hartford has allocated $1.25 million of Capital Improvement funds to be used for the Hartford Decide$ initiative.

Parkville Community School is partnering with the Parkville Senior Center, Parkville Community Association, and the Parkville Business Association in putting in a proposal for Hartford Decides. The website is

Voting begins this Saturday at the downtown branch of the Hartford Public Library and ends next Friday, March 25. There are multiple voting spots throughout the city. See the website for specific dates and times to vote.

ALL Hartford residents ages 13 and up are allowed to vote.

Parkville is the only school with a project on the ballot and we need everyone’s support in getting the word out.
Our projects:
1.       Extend the sidewalk from school playground to Grace Street so students and parents do not have to walk through the parking lot during arrival and dismissals.
2.       Install two electronic marquees on New Park Ave. and Park Street, that can broadcast messages to the community in multiple languages such as Spanish and Portuguese.
3.       Repair and paint the flags on the school building that give Parkville Community School it’s “character.”
4.       Install signage for the Parkville Complex (entrance signs and maps to public library, Senior Center, Health Clinic, etc.)
5.       Install handicapped access doors for Senior Center bathroom and interior entrance from Senior Center to school hallway.
6.       Repair the lighting at the Community Flagpole on the corner of Park Street and New Park Ave.

Ballot initiatives include:

A – 1

Three Performing Arts Dance and Music Pods

Pods for community artists, children & families for outside rehearsal, community events & family engagement programs.

 Cost: $499,998

Location: Pope Park Hwy, Colt Park Ext, Parker Memorial


A – 2

Large Scale Graffiti and Tagging Removal

Removal of large-scale graffiti and tagging not covered in the graffiti removal contract.

Cost: $126,000

Location: Floodwalls, various traffic box lights on Wethersfield, Albany & Park Streets


B – 1

Mobile Computer Lab

We’re building two mobile computer labs that organizations can checkout from the library to run programming.

Cost: $130,000

Location: Hartford Libraries & Community Centers


B – 2

Digital and Analog Promotion

We’re placing up to 20 digital signs throughout Hartford to advertise cultural events, city services, and neighborhood info!

Cost: $105,000

Location: High use bus shelter & Recreation Centers


C – 1

Open Arena: A Multi-cultural/Multi-purpose Space

A space created by the Hartford community for the Hartford community that embraces culture, creativity & connection.

Cost: $250,000

Location: Parker Memorial Community Center


D – 1

Advanced Multimedia Training Center

A comprehensive advanced digital training center, maker space, and full size working green-screen studio.

Cost: $250,000

Location: 158 Woodland Street


D – 2

Hartford Community Urban Performance Park

Urban Performance sites will regularly serve as improved gated entertainment venues

Cost: $500,000

Location: Corner Park & Main, Farmington & Board


E – 1

Community Rooms in Hartford Public Housing

Primary components are to improve/furnish community rooms in public housing.

Cost: $52,700

Location: Mary Shepard, Betty Knox, Smith Tower, Mary Mahoney Village, Kent Apartments, Dutch Point, Nelton Court 


E – 2

Cameras For Safety at Seniors Centers

Purchase and install state of the art security systems vital to the safety of seniors.

Cost: $159,253

 Location: North & South End Senior Centers


F – 1

Modernization of Parkville Community Complex

Renovate the Parkville Community school, Dwight Public Library, and the Parkville Senior Center.

Cost: $82,866

Location: Parkville Community Complex


F – 2

Hartford Paint the City

A mural and banner creating project to mobilize the residence to completely transform/bring a new look to their neighborhood

Cost: $122,800

Location: City propertyin 14 active neighborhoods


F – 3

Hartford Community Gardens

Building community gardens at Hartford Public High School and Ramon Quiros Park.

Cost: $55,000

Location: HPHS &380-406 Hudson Street


G – 1

Park Amenities Enhancement Project

Add various useful amenities to city parks: steel picnic tables, game tables, pond purifiers, benches + bike racks

Cost: $200,000

Location: Keney-Woodland, Pope, Bushnell & Elizabeth Parks


G – 2

Park Lighting Improvements

New lighting +replace ugly light in 5 parks. Improve visibility, protect night sky +energy efficiency with historic style

Cost: $495,000

Location: Goodwin, Keney, Colt, Park & Elizabeth Parks


G – 3

Waverly Field Press Box

Add a press box behind the backstop of the main little league field.

Cost: $75,000

Location: Keney-Waverly Park


H – 1

Emergency Stanchions

Like ones at colleges they call for emergency help. Has panic 911 intercom, flashing blue warning light & video camera.

Cost: $440,000  

Location: Coly, Keney, Pope Goodwin, Elizabeth & Bushnell Parks


H – 2

Security Video Cameras in Parks Some city places see more public property damage & crime. Police real-time video-cams enhance safety in park areas.

Cost: $350,000

 Location: Keney, Pope, Goodwin & Bushnell Parks


I – 1

Bikes, Bikes, Bikes

Expand bike infrastructure across the city, including: street markings and bike racks.

Cost: $342,000

Location: Multiple locations in Hartford


I – 2

Bus Shelters

Bus shelter installations across the city, targeted at those stops with the highest ridership and community need.

Cost: $280,000

Location: 14 locations across Hartford


J – 1

Skateboard Park

Building a skate park at Love Lane with bowls, transitions & street features like banks, ledges and stairs

Cost: $240,000

Location: Empty lot near Love Lane by Harper Street


J – 2

Police Athletic League (P.A.L.) Auditorium Facelift

Renovate the auditorium space at the PAL building, which is in disrepair and needs a facelift in order to take full advantage of its potential..

Cost: $250,000

Location: Clay Arsenal/North Hartford


J – 3

Keney-Waverly Park Basketball Courts

Restoring 3 basketball courts in Keney-Waverly Park area.

 Cost: $90,000

Location: Keney-Waverly Park


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