Pathways Academy of Technology & Design’s Internship Appreciation Event Honors Interns and Corporate Partners

Pathways Academy of Technology & Design’s Internship Appreciation Event Honors Interns and Corporate Partners

Hosted at Goodwin College, Thursday, November 17, 2016, the Pathways Internship Appreciation Event is an annual celebration of accomplishment and a night of thanking the many partners that make the program possible.  It truly is a magical night and  November 17 was no exception.  You know you have touched hearts and changed lives when:

  • One mother hugs you 5 times and tells you that the surprise award her son received was one of the proudest moments of her life.
  • One father tells you that this night proved to him that the education that Pathways offers is exceptional and he will promote the school to other parents
  • One senior student tells you he is really going to miss this night next year and stays to clean up and savor every last moment of its splendor
  • Students share candid stories about the relationships they have with their managers and how now they call these people friends
  • An employer is moved to come up and share how, although initially a skeptic, he hosted two interns and his high school student was better than his college intern!

Eighty summer interns came to share their accomplishments and dreams with 50 professionals from 20 distinct organizations.  They were polished, poised and spoke with direction and purpose.  The Goodwin College Auditorium was filled with energy and excitement as well as talent and potential.  The organizations present were eager to welcome the next generation of professionals into their companies to leverage their perspective, skills and abilities.

Pathways continues its focus on work-based learning and the integration of real-world experiences, professionals and summer internships into students’ education.  Following the NAF model, to bring companies and educators together, has proved beneficial for so many students so far and promises to continue to be a stellar partnership for the future.

Cheers to our college and career ready interns, you made this happen and we are so very proud!  Congratulations to our recognized Pathways Partner Companies, Aetna, Cigna and Starbase.

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Special thanks and recognition to all of our internship hosts ACMT Inc., Achieve Hartford, Aetna, American Eagle Financial Credit Union, The Beamer, Bud Orange, Cigna, CPEP, CT Historical Society, CT Science Center, CWP, Energy Efficiencies Solutions, Hartford Healthcare, Hartford Steam Boiler, Kelser, MHIS, Neighborhood Studios, Pathways IT, Random Hacks of Kindness Jr., Simpson Waverly, Smith Brothers, Starbase, The Hartford, Travelers, Trinity Mobile Apps for Hartford, Urban Alliance, Verizon and WH Community Television for your commitment to our students, you are transforming lives!

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NiCole Schlagheck, Internship & Work-Based Learning Coordinator
Pathways Academy of Technology and Design