Pathways Academy’s Freshmen Career Day: Imagination is your most powerful asset

Pathways Academy’s Freshmen Career Day: Imagination is your most powerful asset

“Imagination is your most powerful asset,” established the tone for Pathways Academy’s 2016 Freshmen Career Day.

Athlete, entrepreneur, public speaker and founder of FitScript (a New Haven based company established to help diabetics live healthier lives), Charlespathways-career-day-1 O’Connect was our keynote speaker and he engaged the student by telling them about the ten percent rule.  Summarizing his thoughts, he shared that ten percent of people won’t like you and never will and ten percent of people will like you no matter who you are or what you do to hurt them, but it’s the 80% in the middle, if we can engage at least half of them, then we have achieved success.  Students remained engaged as he continued, “Imagination is the start, action is what makes you successful, but you must have discipline to follow through on imagination.  Perseverance and patience are necessary and confidence is required to pursue what is in your imagination despite the many setbacks you will face.”

Students then had the opportunity to learn about STEM careers in small groups.  They met with 8 different organizations and heard more about how various professionals found their passion and learned about many fields of study and potential career opportunities for themselves.  As the primary Work-Based Learning Activity for freshmen, Career Day is intended to expose and inspire.

Our speakers covered the following disciplines:

  • American Eagle Financial Credit Union – Finance, Banking, IT and how technology is required and changing banking
  • Cigna Healthcare – Information Technology and their Technology Early Career Development Program and how they are experimenting with newer technologies to innovate and find ways to help their customers be healthier
  • Finalsite – Website design and how designers and developers present content to represent an organization
  • Goodwin College (in conjunction with CCAT) – Advanced Manufacturing – sharing the tools, career opportunities, education paths and multitude of available positions in CT for young students eager to get involved in manufacturing
  • Movia Robotics – Robotics and Education and sharing how the use of robots is helping young students with autism
  • Pratt & Whitney – Engineering – how diverse the field of engineering is and how our world requires the ingenuity of engineers to exist, develop and evolve
  • Travelers – Creative Services and the areas of Copywriters, Videographers, Photographer and Graphic Designers using their skills to engage customers, motivate employees and promote Traveler’s message
pathways-career-day-2 pathways-career-day-3 pathways-career-day-4

Eight Student Ambassadors guided our groups through their 25-minute rotations and had the privilege of networking during a lunch following the presentations.  We thank them for their leadership, our speakers for making time to inform our students and for school support in making the logistics of the day seamless to our students and our guests.

Travelers presentation included a video created by their creative staff and one message from that session encapsulated the message intended for the students to understand from the day, “Never stop learning.  Keep learning new software, change, evolve your skillset and that way you will always have opportunity!”

Submitted by,

NiCole Schlagheck

Internship & Work-Based Learning Coordinator

Pathways Academy of Technology and Design