Click to see Immunization Requirement for Students in Connecticut Schools

Per Connecticut State guidelines, students are required to have physical examinations in the following grades:

  • Every year of Pre-K
  • Kindergarten
  • Sixth grade (To be completed after Jan. 1st of your child’s fifth grade year)
  • Tenth grade (To be completed after Jan. 1st of your child’s ninth grade year)

The “blue” State of Connecticut Health Assessment form must be completed by your child’s physician with all required immunization dates noted. The front of this form is to be completed by the students’ parent or legal guardian. Completed physicals should be given to your child’s school nurse. If parents/guardians need help in this area they are encouraged to contact the school nurse. Our school-based health centers may be able to complete your child’s physical.

There are only two exclusions to immunization requirements that are allowed in Connecticut.

  • A physician must document in writing that due to a medical contraindication (this must be specified) a certain vaccine was not given.
  • Parents/guardians may also attest in writing that due to their sincerely held religious beliefs a certain vaccine was not given.

Please call the nurse at your school with any questions or concerns.

It is advised to keep a copy of your child’s physical form and immunizations for your records!

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