Plea For Help For Nepalese Earthquake Victims


Plea For Help For Nepalese Earthquake Victims


Hello! My name is Shreeja Joshi. I am  a Nepalese American and I work at SAND School as a School Nurse.  You might be aware from the news of the devastating earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25, 2015.
Due to the earthquake, more than 2100 people have died, and many more are still buried and trapped under the debris and rubles of the collapsed buildings and houses. Due to more than 60 aftershocks which are still continuing and its danger of structural damage to the existing buildings and houses, people are camped outside on the streets during the day and cold chilly nights, despite the heavy rain for fear of their lives and safety.
Due to Grace of God, all my family members are alive and safe for now and I am hoping to hear from some of my other relatives and friends soon. My parents and my sister along with her family and neighbors  have been camped out in the field outside her apartment since Saturday April 25th morning in rain and cold, due to continuous aftershocks. They are living in constant fear, and my sister told me that they have had more than 60 aftershocks of 4 richter scale or higher and numerous smaller after shocks. They have also been warned to expect more larger aftershocks for weeks to come. According to my family, there is no electricity, no running water, phones are working on and off, people are freezing in wet clothes and getting sick, food and water is running out, people are dying from basic injuries due to lack of first aid, etc. There is extreme shortage of basic necessities  like food, clean drinking water, warm clothes, blanket, medications and medical supplies, etc. The Nepal Earthquake Relief Operation is expected to take months and even years, with the cost of 10 billion or more. There is also a increasing fear that the surviving people may die of starvation, hypothermia, small minor injuries, various diseases like cholera, flu, due to cold, rain and unsanitary conditions.
Please make a tax-deductible contribution to the vetted charities that are doing relief work after the earthquake in Nepal. Your contribution whether big or small can make a great impact and will save lives. Please donate to these non-profit organizations:

I am working with Connecticut Rotary and Rotary International Nepal who is now focused in rescue mission in the remote villages in Nepal, where so far help hasn’t reached yet. They need tents, food and medical supplies urgently.  Even a small donation can have a huge impact and help save a life.  

Donate to:
Shreeja Joshi, N-BSN
S.A.N.D. School
1750 Main Street
Hartford,  CT  06120
P: (860)256-5917  
Please make the check payments in the name of Rotary International ; Memo: Nepal Project


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