Under the federal Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program Temporary Waiver, teachers, leaders, paraprofessionals, or any other role that works in a school or district may be eligible for full cancelation of your federal student loans…BUT ONLY IF THE BORROWER APPLIES TO THE PSLF PROGRAM BY OCTOBER 31st. 

If you have student loans, please take the time to assess your eligibility and apply.  The average loan balance forgiven under PSLF so far is over $60,000 per borrower.  While borrowers need 10 years of service for full forgiveness, those with less can put themselves on the path to forgiveness by acting now.  This will be a life-changing opportunity for all those eligible, including teachers and any other employee of a federal, state, municipal, and tribal Governments and non-profit organizations.

Borrowers can apply directly for forgiveness using the PSLF Help Tool at studentaid.gov.   Because student debt and the PSLF forgiveness process can be confusing, the Student Loan Fund and a coalition of state organizations and unions have created resources to help CT borrowers, all of which are available at www.pslfct.org. By accessing these resources, borrowers can consult:

  1. A step-by-step guide for borrowers
  2. FAQs for borrowers
  3. Frequent virtual workshops and office hours to get questions answered