Renzulli Academy Class Receives Kindles from Classes 4 Classes Project

Spotlight on Excellence     June 2013

Renzulli Academy Class Receives Kindles from Classes 4 Classes Project

Ms. Albro’s eighth grade class at Renzulli Academy is the recent recipient of a grant project through Classes 4 Classes, Inc.  Classes 4 Classes, Inc. is an organization created by Sandy Hook teacher Katilin Roig.  Following the tragedy in Sandy Hook, Ms. Roig’s first graders were receiving donations from people across the country.  Ms. Roig felt that, despite the tragedy they had endured, it was vital for her students to realize that it is just as important to give as it is to receive. The mission of Classes 4 Classes, Inc. is “to teach every child in our nation to have a genuine interest in the wellbeing of others.  By creating an environment where students learn to care for others not by talking but by doing, we cultivate a message that our lives are not separate, but in fact completely connected. When we teach kindness, compassion, love and empathy, there is no room for hate.”

Ms. Ruiz’s fourth grade class from Mansfield sponsored Ms. Albro’s class.  Through the online Classes 4 Classes website, Ms. Ruiz’s class raised $679.00 for the purchase of Amazon Kindle Fires and an Amazon gift card to be used in Ms. Albro’s reading classes.  Ms. Albro’s class wrote letters and cards of thanks to Ms. Ruiz’s class and Ms. Albro plans to pay it forward by sponsoring a class when school resumes in the fall.

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Above Rebeca Vazquez and Paola Garriga share a thank you card written for Ms. Ruiz’s fourth grade class, who sponsored Ms. Albro’s class in the Classes 4 Classes project.

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