Hartford Public School students will transform their world.


Inspire and prepare all students to create their own success in and beyond school.

Core Values

We promote individuality, cultural diversity, honesty, and integrity throughout our learning community.

We pursue excellence as the highest quality of services for all our students and staff – be the best and give the best.

We enable all students to embrace change and achieve academic excellence using innovative research-based strategies.

We believe in preparing our students for post-secondary education and career readiness.

We value open communication and shared responsibilities between the school team and family.

We encourage students to develop healthy relationships based on trust and respect for themselves and others.

RISE Academy Locations

MD Fox School
470 Maple Avenue
Hartford, CT 06114
(860) 695-7724

Bulkeley High School
300 Wethersfield Avenue
Hartford, CT 06114
(860) 695-1000

West Middle School
44 Niles Street
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 695-5480

HPHS Academy of Engineering & Green Technology
55 Forest Street
Hartford, CT 06105
(860) 695-1300

RISE Academy provides exceptional services and opportunities for students.

➢ An educational setting for students in need of social, emotional, and behavioral supports with access to the mainstream environment.
➢ Low student to staff ratio which helps meet the diverse academic and behavioral needs and learning styles of the students
➢ Differentiated instruction aligned to the Common Core State Standard and district-wide curriculum
➢ Reading and math interventions using multi-sensory, research-based approaches
➢ Program-wide Behavior Support Systems in which students learn to monitor their academic and behavior performance
➢ Access to time with non-disabled peers (TWNDP) in the Least Restrictive Environment
➢ 40-day diagnostic placements

➢ Periodic progress monitoring and data analysis to adjust instruction appropriately, including district-wide assessments, reading benchmarking, and other research-based assessments
➢ Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA), Behavioral Intervention Plans (BIP), and Safety Plans (SP)
➢ Group and/or Individual Therapy sessions with Social Worker
➢ Access to various research-based academic and behavioral interventions
➢ Incorporation of mindfulness into daily teaching and learning in order to develop coping strategies and self-regulation
➢ A diverse staff dedicated to meet the academic and behavior needs of our unique students

Learn more about the RISE Academy’s Social, Emotional, and Behavioral supports

A positive, strength-based behavior support system is used to help students manage, reflect upon, and modify their behaviors. The goal is to help students develop the skills needed to become intrinsically motivated to reach their potential and become successful students and citizens. RISE staff is committed to developing positive working relationships with all students. We encourage each student to be able to identify at least one trusting adult within the school community.

Students will receive group therapy with the program’s social worker throughout the week. Time and frequency are dependent upon the student’s IEP and BIP. The focus is to work on developing coping skills, using a variety of self- regulation strategies such as mindfulness. Students will learn how to interact with peers in a pro-social manner, and managing frustrations, anxiety, and other challenges.

Identified students may work with the school social worker on an individual basis. Time and frequency are dependent upon the student’s needs and will be determined at the student’s PPT meeting. The focus of school-based therapy is to help students manage difficulties that are interfering with their learning. Referral information to outside agencies can be made available in collaboration with parents and guardians.

• Taking Space – The purpose is to help students self-regulate and identify stressors in order to regain control so that he/she can effectively return to the learning environment. Alternate locations may include a different classroom, social worker’s office, behavior technician room, or with a designated staff member within the building which will be approved by RISE staff, the student, and the guardian.
• Mindfulness – Practicing mindfulness allows us to be fully present in our life and improve the quality of life. Mindfulness is incorporated into all facets of the school day.
• Self-Care – each student will develop a plan that can be referred to prior, during, and after crisis to encourage self-regulation
• Zones of Regulation – a curriculum to foster self-regulation and emotional control
• Second Step Curriculum – a curriculum designed to teach social and academic success

Each campus implements incentive based, reinforcement systems. Students have the opportunity to earn positive reinforcers through the acquisition of daily points. Once the points are earned they belong to the student and cannot be removed. Points can be exchanged for tangible and social reinforcers.

The purpose of restorative justice is to repair the harm done through inclusive processes that engage all stakeholders (students, staff, administrators, families, outside providers, etc.) It shifts the focus of discipline from consequences to learning and from the individual to the community.

RISE Academy also offers opportunities for Family Engagement

We urge you to become involved in your child’s school. Research indicates that children’s educational experiences are more effective when parents are active participants in the process. There are a number of ways to actively participate in your children’s education.
• Attend Open House
• Parent Teacher Conferences
• Parent and Teacher Organization Meetings
• School Governance Council Meetings
• Special events, performances, and other activities