Although we will not be your child’s primary care provider, we offer many services to your child during the school day so there is no need for your child to leave school and miss classes. A clinic consent form must be signed by a parent or guardian before your child can receive services. Consent forms are available in all school nursing offices and school-based health centers and at the bottom of this page.

We are looking forward to keeping your children healthy so they can stay in school and learn!

The school-based health centers offer:

  • Physical Exams
  • Immunizations
  • Health Promotion and Wellness
  • Medical Care for Injuries and Illness
  • Assistance with Chronic Diseases such as Asthma and Diabetes
  • Reproductive Health Care (at high school sites)
  • Mental Health Counseling
  • Forms

Locations – call and make an appointment today!

The following school-based health centers are operated by Hartford Public Schools and are open to any Hartford Public School student during regular school hours:

Dwight Bellizzi Dual Language Academy
215 South Street
(860) 695-2449

Bulkeley High School
395 Lyme Street/585 Wethersfield Ave.
(860) 695-1099

Hartford Public High School
55 Forest Street
(860) 695-1361

MD Fox School
470 Maple Avenue
(860) 695-7731

Rawson School
260 Holcomb Street
(860) 695-4842

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School 25 Ridgefield Street

Sanchez Elementary School
176 Babcock Street
(860) 695-4943

Weaver/Kinsella High School
415 Granby Street 860-695-1682


Download a printable health form (pdf) to complete and bring with you. Forms are available at the clinics.


The following school-based dental clinics are operated by Hartford Public Schools and are open to any Hartford Public School student during regular school hours:

Services Available:

• Cleanings
• Fluoride Treatments
• X-rays
• Sealants
• Restorations (Fillings)
• Root Canals
• Space Maintainers
• Extractions
• Examinations
• Free Toothbrushes

Our Dental Clinics are full service, modern, state of the art facilities in which we take great pride. The Dental Clinics are open during the school day, 5 days a week when school is in session. They have been in the Hartford Public School system for over 30 years, providing excellent dental care for the children.

Our team of dental professionals includes:
• School Dentists
• Registered Dental Hygien-ists
• Certified Dental Assistants
• Dental Support Staff

Download a printable Dental Consent Form (pdf)


Dental Clinic Sites – call and make an appointment today!

Betances Early Reading Lab
(860) 695-2844

Burns Latino Studies Academy
(860) 695-2986

Dwight Bellizzi Dual Language Academy
(860) 695-2427

Hartford Public High School
(860) 695-1363

MD Fox School
(860) 695-7735

McDonough Middle School
(860) 695-4266

Milner Middle School
(860) 695-7579

Moylan Expeditionary Learning School
(860) 695-4507

Parkville Community School
(860) 695-4729

RJ Kinsella Magnet School
(860) 695-4191

Rawson School
(860) 695-4854

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School
(860) 695-0303

Sanchez Elementary School
(860) 695-4966

SAND School
(860) 695-5056

Weaver/Kinsella High School
(860) 695-1681

West Middle School
(860) 695-5492

Wish Elementary School
(860) 695-5606


Deborah T. Chameides, BA, MA, RN, MSN
Director of Nursing and Clinical Services
Hartford Public Schools
330 Wethersfield Avenue
Hartford, CT 06114
P (860) 695-8760
F (860) 722-8095

Health Services