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Carolyn Havrda, Cindy Kehoe, Dee-Dee Desmarais, Lauren Akerlind,Ruth Tracy, Rosana Bannock, Jonathan Seamans, Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine, Tracy Weiss, Jessica Chirdon, Fiona Shackleton, Kolaiah Williams, Kathy Evans


Student Governance Council Meeting Minutes
June 10, 2015 Members Present:
Carolyn Havrda, Cindy Kehoe, Dee-Dee Desmarais, Lauren Akerlind,Ruth Tracy, Rosana Bannock, Jonathan Seamans, Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine, Tracy Weiss, Jessica Chirdon, Fiona Shackleton, Kolaiah Williams, Kathy Evans
Guests Present (New Members):
Nancy Mendez, Jennifer Shannon, Victor Paul
Ground Rules:
SGC Ground Rules were read aloud by members of the SGC. Review and Acceptance of May 2015 SGC Minutes:
It was noted that there were a few name spelling corrections. The issue of diversity among staff was raised at the meeting in May but was not added in the minutes. It was asked that this issue be noted and documented in June’s minutes also, specifically noting the possibility of a new Dean of Students and the request for an effort to increase diversity among the staff at Montessori Magnet.
Minutes were approved.
Location Status:
Appraisals have been submitted for the purchase of the property at 425 Franklin Avenue. A negotiation is in progress.
School Data Results:
SGC members evaluated the data collected from the NWEA MAP/DIBELS/CHRONIC ABSENTEEISM tests and surveys.
Math: There has been a drop in performance, especially in the area of math. The 2015-16 SAP will include developing a plan to focus in on increasing student performance.
Reading: In addition to a dip in performance levels in the area of math, Montessori Magnet saw a decrease in the percentage of 2nd and 3rd year elementary students performing at or above grade level in the area of reading. For 2nd and 3rd year elementary students, the test requires the students to do all of the reading themselves rather than being read to. One of the ways that this deficiency is being addressed is through the implementation of strategic, instructional computer time in the classroom. Computer time in the classroom is monitored so that it is purposeful and focused on increasing various skills. There is an emphasis on research, utilizing such software as National Geographic and Myon. In addition, the school is also going to encourage families to practice computer skills at home with software like Edutype.
It was noted that while the SAP will include a strategic plan for increasing student performance on various district/state mandated tests, teachers will be addressing the skills and not focusing so much on the tests themselves, as they may change in the 2015-16 school year.
There continues to be an issue of absenteeism among Pre-K students district wide. 18.9% of Pre-K students are chronically absent. Montessori Magnet has worked to address this issue through various avenues, such as letters sent

home, school messenger, and phone calls home. Some suggestions for addressing the issue of Pre-K absenteeism included offering students incentives for attending school regularly, raising awareness about the importance of regular school attendance at the Pre-K level, and parents organizing a car-pool system to increase attendance.
The Silent Journey was proposed as a way for the school to raise awareness of the importance of regular school attendance by enabling parents to gain direct experiences in the Montessori classroom.
Parent Survey:
The Parent Survey reflects that parents are happy with many areas of our school. The administration and staff at Montessori Magnet will use data from the survey to develop their PEP (Parental Engagement Plan) for the upcoming school year.
Communication between parents and teachers (especially the 12PM dismissal students) continues to be a work in progress. The administration and staff are using the data to drive a plan for increased communication in the upcoming school year.
Overview of New SGC:
New SGC members were able to learn from former members suggestions. Suggestions included a proposed method for scheduling meetings and attending training sessions. An emphasis was placed on the importance of the SGC training sessions and the fact that all members needed to attend the trainings in order for the SGC to function at an optimum level.
It was noted that the newly elected Chairperson be someone able to attend additional meetings required at the district level.
It was noted that the SGC should request training on the tasks of taking meeting minutes and consensus building. Perhaps Mary Ellen Powell would be able to return to Montessori Magnet SGC in order to coach the new Council.
It was noted that there has been a strong relationship in the past between the MMCO and the SGC. It is important that that relationship be fostered and maintained in order for the school to function at an optimum level.
Principal Havrda will be in touch with new members for the scheduling of the July/August meeting.
Meeting Close Process/Gratitude:
Former members of the SGC shared what they were grateful for throughout their experience as an Montessori Magnet SGC member.
Next Meeting: TBD
Minutes submitted by Jessica Chirdon

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