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Annette Santana, Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine, Carolyn Havrda, Cynthia Kehoe, Fiona Shackleton, Jessica Chirdon, Kathy Evans, Kolaiah Williams, Lauren Akerlind Rosie Bannock, Ruth Tracy


School Governance Council Meeting Minutes March 4, 2015
Members Present
Annette Santana, Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine, Carolyn Havrda, Cynthia Kehoe, Fiona Shackleton, Jessica Chirdon, Kathy Evans, Kolaiah Williams, Lauren Akerlind Rosie Bannock, Ruth Tracy
Visiting Guest:
Michelle Herbert
Ground Rules
SGC Ground Rules were reviewed.
Review and Acceptance of Minutes: 2015
November 5, 2015 &
February 11,
• February Minutes:
Change title from Agenda to Minutes
Page 2, 2nd paragraph, 1st sentence change upper to Lower Elementary.
Last page, 2nd paragraph, second to last sentence of paragraph add their child
and delete bused
This member is concerned that West Hartford may not be welcoming and does
not want to put their child outside of Hartford.
Last Page, 3rd paragraph last sentence not sure what this means. Take out last sentence in Paragraph 3.
Approved minutes for 11/5/14 but 2/11/2015 to be approved electronically to give more time for input.
Discuss 2015-2016 Budget compliance
• The Finance department will allow us to use our incubation money of a total of $150,000.00 to purchase two new classroom’s furniture, materials and other supplies needed. This money is currently available.
• Finance error allowed for us to fund McDonough copier, .4 McDonough nurse and 2 interns
• We were not approved for Sheff Summer School Grant. We will need to fund using contingency funds. Summer School will be Early Start required students only who are below grade level in reading and math.
• We reserved $18,000.00 from our budget contingent on getting the grant. We now have a total of $36,000.00 that we pay for Summer school out of our Montessori Magnet School budget.
• We will have to find funding from other areas in the budget to fund our reading and math software programs which in the past, we have used some of the Summer School funds for.
• Summer school for mandated students based on literacy data; less than 50 will participate.
Discuss next steps for Silent Journey/Planning meeting Thursday 3/5@4:00pm (since postponed to 3/12 @ 4:00 pm)
• Gerry Leonard is planned to visit and meet with The Silent Journey Committee on March 5, 2015 at 4:00-5:00pm.
• To date the members consist of: Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine, Carolyn Havrda, Kolaiah Williams, Lauren Akerlind Rosie Bannock and Ruth Tracy.
• We are extending the invite to other SGC and community members
• We will limit it to 25 parents as suggested by Gerry Leonard.
• The Silent Journey should be ASSESSIBLE and POWERFUL
• Gerry Leonard suggests that we have coffee between 8:30-9:00 and the
Silent Journey begins at 9:30-4:00. We need to have people commit for
the whole day.
• We will need substantial childcare since the children will be here for the
• We will open the Silent Journey conversation at the MMCO meeting. It
would benefit the event by getting the word out about the Silent Journey
• RSVP will be necessary.
• Look for information coming out soon.
Create an SGC Election Committee
• The elections are in May
• Members can run two, 2 year terms (equivalent to 4 years)
• Full parent/guardian student body elects all SGC and MMCO parents to
represent the entire school body---Hartford and Suburban towns.
• Committee; Kolaiah Williams-Chair, Annette Santana, Carolyn Havrda and
Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine, Sara Freedman
Member Suggestion:
1) Provide pictures of perspective members running and their names. If a parent, provide picture of children and his/her parent with names.
2) We are inviting Sara to come and join the committee.
3) The chair: needs to send an all e-mail out to all SGC members (especially to
those who did not attend tonight’s meeting) regarding starting an Election Committee and opening the invitation to those who want to join.
Review new Sheff Agreement (New Information regarding possible new facility) • Next Stage is to bring this to the state level for funding.
• On Page 4, “Relocation of Existing Magnet Programs:” Montessori Magnet at Moylan School was explicitly named by the Sheff Agreement in our facility and support our existence.
• Sheff wants CREC (Private Entity) to be involved with the construction of Montessori Magnet’s new facility.
• If Construction is the plan then the new facility will be completed at the earliest by 2022 if the process starts July 1, 2015.
• We need a construction grant in by October, 2015
• We may have to rename the school once it moves to a new facility
Member Comments, thoughts, Questions:
1) What does the 1st Paragraph on Page 4 really mean?
2) We are specifically named politically however not supporting the new
3) How do we rename the school so people know it’s the original Montessori
Magnet at Moylan?
4) How do we differentiate us from CREC Montessori Magnet/logo will help
5) WeneedtotellthestoryhowMontessoriMagnetbegan
Overview of School Location status/Information session for families/Next Steps
• Education Appropriation Committee:
1)If approved we can get construction funds, 2017 is start date, if we have land according to Sheff agreement.
2)However, we do need temporary space for at least 2-4 years while the building gets built.
Members Concerns, Questions:
1) If we don’t get land than we need a building possibly taking a building off the tax role.
We need to look at other options that are on the tax role.
2) We need to share the history of Montessori Magnet with the new families
because they don’t know the story. To some families it’s just a school their
children go to.
3) Clarify: What happens to the funds if we don’t use or have a plan for the
funds by June 30th?
4) Are there specific guidelines to the funds?
5) The portables that we originally looked at haven’t been shown to the
Superintendent. Possibly mis-communication between two Superintendents (Dr. Kishimoto and Beth Schiavino-Navaez)
Review 2015-2016 Lottery
• We want new perspective families to understand what Montessori Education is. What it looks like, what it feels like and what it sounds like while children are working.
We are bringing perspective families into all of the classrooms during the school days. Graciela and Kerry are giving 3-4 tours each per day. Graciela speaks a second language (Spanish) and that is in our advertising.
The Lottery is closed but not finalized. Next meeting we will have a chart of what choice (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th) we were for families. The Hartford and Suburban data will be out next month.
Siblings get preference because we want to keep families together.
Review of Marketing framework for 4/1 meeting inviting project and program support facilitator
• Our Family and School Liaison, Graciela, speaks English and Spanish
• Possible future meeting invite with Kerry McNamee, Project and Program
Support Facilitator to over marketing.
Members question, comments:
• What is working?
• What is her budget?
• What suggestions does Kerry have?
• What is her breakout of her time? (75%)
• Where do we advertise?
• Connecticut Parent Magazine-FREE (Independent schools advertise in this)
• Circulars
• Hartford News
• Information Sessions on a monthly basis to recruit parents to help get the
word out about Montessori Magnet or help execute some of the advertising
• What families are we reaching?
• What families have we not reached?
• How can we clear up our name confusion with CREC Montessori Magnet
• Billboard, Bumper-stickers, magnets
Participate in “Meeting Close” process (Amends, Gratitude, Credit, concerns, help)
• Accuracy of getting minutes on the website.
• Answer the question why we should make a specific decision.
• Understanding of all our turbulence over the new location in the end it will
make us a stronger and more united team and community.
• Thank you for respecting others opinions.
NEXT MEETING at 5:30 pm. April 1st (Followed by May 6th, June 3rd) Minutes respectfully submitted by Lauren Akerlind

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