School SGCMontessori Magnet (Moylan/ McDonough Campuses)
LocationMoylan Campus

Jessica Chirdon, Lauren Akerlind, Dee Dee Desmaris (new staff member-C.Schlossberg resigned), Cindy Kehoe, Tracy Weiss, Carolyn Havrda, Kathy Evans, Rosie Bannock, Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine, Ruth Tracy, Kolaiah Wiiliams


"Minutes 10/15/14 5:30-7:00 pm
SGC Ground Rules
• We are here on behalf of the development of all of our children.
• We come on time and prepared.
• We listen to each other.
• We speak honestly.
• We give our best.
• We share and respect diverse points of view.
• We presume positive intentions.
• We avoid side conversations in and out of the meeting room.
• We respect meeting confidentiality
• We are guided by the meeting facilitator.
• We work together to adhere to times and stay on topics noted on the agenda.
• We strive for consensus and stand together in our decisions.
• We enjoy ourselves, our children and each other!
Agenda Items and times
• Welcome
• Attendance: Jessica Chirdon, Lauren Akerlind, Dee Dee Desmaris (new staff member-C.Schlossberg resigned), Cindy Kehoe, Tracy Weiss, Carolyn Havrda, Kathy Evans, Rosie Bannock, Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine, Ruth Tracy, Kolaiah Wiiliams.
• Absent: Annette Santana, Fiona Shackleton.
• Special Guests: HPU/Milly Arciniegas & BOE/Kevin McCaskill

• Ground Rules shared by all
• Review and acceptance of 9/3/14 SGC minutes
Minutes reviewed by all members -- Accepted
• Hartford Parent University Q & A with Milly Arcinegas, introduced by Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine, as part of accepting the expenditure of title I funds via training thru HPU.
• Explanation of HPU --- parent led organization, to train parents to be empowered and able to be mobilized to act on, to acquire the knowledge of what each school organization is. Provide support to school organizations.
• Q&A:
1. What classes are available? – parent choses from the available choices
2. How large has parent participation been in the HPU? Last workshop they had 75 parents participated.
3. Costs?? $250.00 allotted covers the facilitator only --- no coverage for childcare or food (as it is covered in HPU ran workshops).
4. How do you get parents to the 1st meeting?!? School messenger/Friday bags enough?
5. What strategies are used to entice greater parent/family participation in MMCO meetings?
MA explained the use of other parents stationed at school during drop off and dismissal to survey parents needs/wants --- Principal will have to be on board

• NO CHILD HELD BACK (NCHB) proposal (5) –
1. Lead by Beayanka Pinckney-Naraine --- would like to have Montessori Magnet be the first school as part of this initiative.
2. NCHB is a mind set change --- from no child left behind initiative --- which holds a punitive stigma for students.
3. Funds are available thru Vance foundation and achieve Hartford. Funds for tools also available to teachers for PD
4. These processes already are part of the teachings done in the Montessori classrooms, therefore, we could be the district leaders in this initiative. Part of our Mission paragraph … Focus on inspiration … lines up with our Montessori philosophy
5. Beayanka requested motion to move forward to request the author to start the partnership, school visit, and event to present to parents and other schools to partner with (Burns, Naylor, McDonough, Sanchez, Moylan, Parkville, west middle)
6. Next steps: Provide translated version of synapsis of NCHB.

• Update on Enrollment (5)
Havrda 212 students, 112 Hartford, 100 from suburban towns, our target was b/t 204-215
Funds will be finalized by district to fund technology for the classrooms (especially needed for MAP testing for primary grades)
• Overview of School Location Status (15)
1. Kevin McCaskill/Director of Operations for the district – update school location.
Portables behind MELS will only be a last resort option. b/c funding (incubation $$) vs. programing for MELS and Montessori won’t be positively served.
2. Support from the Mayor, BOE, and Superintendent to move forward to finalize location and seek out alternative property. No work has been started behind McDonough.
3. Incubation funds may be used for potential site will eliminate need of a temporary location --- will allow MM to be in the location while the building(s) are being renovated and then redone to permanent Pk3-6 building for our school.
4. No determination on location --- will update at the next SGC meeting Nov. 5.
5. Great indication of positive outcome to have the STATE, BOE, MAYOR and the SUPERINTENDENT agree to move forward on the funding and the use of such funds

• Title 1 funds for Parent Engagement/Parent Representative (5) --- parent, Jennifer Shannon will be our parent Title I representative. She will be asked to report back to SGC & MMCO regularly

• OPMAD grant funds (5) –
1. Tobacco settlement grant, was not fully allocated to OPMAD --- Instead it was dispersed to HPS afterschool funding and ONLY $55,000 will be coming to supplement the OPMAD programing at our school.
2. $55,000 & 21th century Grant Award ($150,000) will supplant the difference from 172,000 from tobacco settlement grant.
3. total cost $2,000/child p/year.
4. Kathy Evans will continue to submit requests for another $30,000 grant to supplement funding.

1. School Accountability Plan
Attendance: SLO plan with teachers
Working with social worker, FRA, teachers
Personal phone calls
Posting of “attendance matters” platform
Opening “Parent Portal” --- where parents can monitor child’s attendance
Using tools such as: NCHB
Letters where sent home
Each case viewed as case by case
Support to families, thru social work & FRA
We sharing information with the district about reasonable causes of absenteeism

• Classroom walkthroughs, to improve instructional practices
• Support thru: CST-child study teams or new SRBI-student research behavior intervention teams
• Students get the opportunity to work on the computers properly in school Use of MyOn for reading support --- ties up home and school
• DREAMBOX – computer based work program that is highly engaging and gives direct feedback to the guides, completely interactive. It lines up with the common core.
• Data team discussions and processes for assessments: ie., pieces of info that makes sense within the testing --- it doesn’t always match to our curriculum to measure achievement; It is a moving target and the test changes also; MAP doesn’t align to our Montessori curriculum, it doesn’t closely match SBAC, common core but it provides normed progress and computer testing experience
Assessments/Testing as follows:
Dibels: K-4
MPG/Map: 1-4
SBAC: 3-4

2. Attendance Data See SAP notes
3. MAP Data
MAP data informational text, vocabulary.
1st grade has largest # of below proficiency
2nd grade has most proficiency
3rd grade doesn’t have a middle tier
great use of math facts
1st graders are new to the computers Question: how can we drive proficiency based on strengths
Improvement of 25%, memorization of facts
Tutors will be available for upper students

4. School Spirit Day (s) (5) ELEM had its first community meeting 10/15. They will be held 3:15-3:45pm every other Wednesday. Community songs, talks, spent time together.

5. Calendar of regularly scheduled SGC meetings SY 2014-15
1/21 ---- Jonathan not able to attend
*Additional meetings only if necessary

6. All Meetings on Wednesdays – schedule as follows:

5:15 - 7:15 Childcare
5:15 Dinner
5:30 –7:00 Meeting

7. ADJUOURN 7:10pm “no meeting close process”
Attachments: 9/3/14 SGC minutes, SAP

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