School SGCRamon E. Betances Early Reading Lab

" Time Agenda Item Action
5:00 1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Sign In Introduced SGC coach and reviewed agenda

5:15 1. Review Entry Plan and Immediate Changes
2. School Store Update Review of entry plan communication
Closing off the fence
Read to a Child
-Guidelines for school store
-Grahn to share plan with staff
-Purchasing ticket counter
-Classroom board for purchasing (Ms. Grahn will mock up an example)
-Ms. Barney will communicate needs to all grade levels
Instrumental lessons during GR time
5:30 1. Data and Connection to SIP Update
2. Share SQM PreK Model
-Current Model
-No teachers
-Move teachers to PreK4 and CDA’s to PreK3
-Other options
-Additional Nooks
-Classroom computers
-Hatch computers for PreK
-Eno Boards
Science Center (more programs)
2 AC’s for the gym
Math/Science Coach with Eureka background
Doc cams/big headphones with mics
Order own supplies
Kindergarten Teacher
5:45 1. Fence Update
2. Playground Grant Update
3. Facebook/Twitter and Website Update
Kaboom playground grant
Lands End School

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