School SGCRamon E. Betances Early Reading Lab

"Meeting Norms
1. Be present (appropriate use of technology, task focused)
2. Active participation (listening, respect airtime)
3. Assume positive intentions (respect other to others ideas, non-judgmental)
4. Start and end on time (come prepared)
5. Honor confidentiality (staff and students)
Time Agenda Item Action
5:00 1. Welcome and Introductions
2. Election Process
3. New Team Members 1. New Members Kerri-Lynn Major, Kevin Irizarry, Liz Canevari and Joel
2. Antonette Colon has agreed to take on the SGC Chair role
5:15 1. Entry Plan Process
2. Update and Next Steps
3. Share Lab School Updates 1. Reviewed the process and student needs
2. Discusses next steps (school store, golden broom, bucketmaster)
3. Handed out the article on Lab School Models for team to review and discuss in November.
4. Ms. Barney will share the results of the November meeting with the team and next steps
5:30 1. School Improvement Plan
2. Superintendent’s Visit 1. Full agreement and sign off on SIP
2. Shared visit as well as clean building award and learning walk
3. Discussed reviewing the SIP in December to see data, school needs and next steps
5:45 1. PBIS Update
2. PTO Update
3. Next Meeting Agenda Items 1. Parents can donate to the school store (Ms. Barney will add to the OWL post)
2. Ms. Grahn will share how she uses the DROPS like a bank with staff
3. PTO-count the ballets with a parent present and see if the vote is viable. Meetings will be flexible (morning if possible with food)
4. Morning Drop Off-parking and a speed bump in front of the school
5. History of the School-Family/School/Community Connection
6. Playground
7. Donations
-Uniform Exchange
-Closet by sizes
-Parent volunteers for organization
-Washer and Dryer (Joel-washer)
-Newsletter will ask for donations of the above plus underwear and larger pants)
8. Website(Kevin)

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SecretaryCorinne Barney