School SGCBetances STEM Magnet School
LocationB STEM Library

Member Role
Tyrone Richardson Principal Co-Chair
Urszula Wyluda Teacher SRBI Specialist
Louis Montalbano Teacher 6th Grade Science
Agnieszka Klimas Teacher ELL
Christine Downs Teacher 6th Grade Math
Karen Perham-Lippman Parent Co-Chair
Quanita Polk Parent
Crystal Wallace Parent
Agnie Mena-Thompson Parent
Leticia Colon Community- EES
Cheryl Tokarski CT Science Center


"Action Items for Our Next Meeting:
• The SCG will meet on Tuesday, February 9th at 4:45 pm at the B-STEM library to review a strategy for presentation at the next Board of Education meeting.
• The SGC will attend the next Board of Education meeting to present these critical concerns on Tuesday, February 16th, 2016
1. Principal Rich will work with B-STEM teachers will work with students to write letters for the board
2. Ms. Perham-Lippman will email Mr. Porter to work with the B-STEM Student Ambassadors to have students join us to speak at the meeting
3. Mrs. Thompson and Mrs. Colon will put together a press release and media alert for distribution prior to the board meeting & press will be invited
4. A timeline will be prepared that will provide the history of our challenges related to the building, updates, etc. – the group will prepare
5. Ms. Perham-Lippman will email the PTO to ask that they support, attend, and speak at the Board of Education meeting

Notes from the Meeting:
1. The meeting was called to order by Mr. Rich at 4:45 p.m.
2. Discussion about the school’s name confusion:
In HPS record, BSTEM is listed as STEM at Dwight, which creates confusion;
3. Mrs. Perham-Lippman did not receive any additional items from the members to add to the agenda for today. The members are in agreement that solving location issues for the school year 2016/2017 is the most pressing item for today.
4. Principal Richardson recapped the progress on solving location capacity issues:
- Email from Don Slater, dated December 23, 2015
- Follow up email from Kate Carbone to Don Slater, dated January 15th, 2015
5. Mr. Richardson recapped the possible options:
- 8th grade to be located at Pathways to Technology
- 4th grade remaining at BERL
- Buckley High School
- Everyone staying at the current location: It would mean a necessity to cut down the number of classes per grade.
6. Pathways to Technology can’t fit 82 8th graders. Conversations are still taking place, but this option looks less feasible.
7. Buckley is “out-of-the-question”. It is not the right environment for our students.
8. 4th grade staying at BERL: RISE program may be moving out. Mr. Richardson having conversations with the principal at BERL, Mrs. Barney. The challenge will be figuring out the staffing concerns this option will present.
9. Alternative options:
- Why not stop at 7th grade? : Not an option for prospective parents
- Why not leave 4th grade at BERL and start with 5th grade at BSTEM? : Not the best option: we like having students here starting in 4th grade to form academic and behavior habits needed in middle school with STEM curriculum
- There are no other known buildings in Hartford we could relocate to.
10. Mr. Richardson presented the 1st choice lottery results for the 2016/2017 year, so far, as compared to 2015/2016 school year
- 75 students so far, but the lottery is open until the end of February
- There is a real danger of falling below the 25% Magnet School compliance requirement
11. SGC members feel that this is due to the shortcomings of the facility
12. Budgeting decisions for the next school year on hold, awaiting concrete facility decisions
13. The SGC will attend the next Board of Education meeting to present those critical concerns. (Tuesday, February 16th, 2016)

The meeting was adjourned at 6:10 p.m.


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