School SGCAmerica’s Choice at SAND
LocationMain Office Conference Room

Dennis Annicelli, Lindsay Tinker, Shawn Jackson, Samantha Pacheco, Anne McAuliffe, Kim Gazdzacki, j. Levi Nickelson, Anne Lerner, Molly McLaughlin, Zulma Costa, Iris Rich, Gerardo Heredia


1. Introduction
Heredia: Thank you all for coming. We have a lot of different things to discuss. We will start out with the election results.

2. Election Results
McLaughlin: I created and sent out a ballot to all families. It provided everyone with some basic information about the SGC and how it functions, as well as the Chair nominations. It provided specific directions about when and where to submit the ballots. All ballots were to be returned to the main office by Tuesday, November 17th in order for the vote to be counted. The SGC received a total of 14 ballots back. 3- Quentasha Hutley and 11-Samantha Pacheco. This means that the 2015-2016 SGC Chair is Samantha Pacheco!

Elections for the teacher were conducted very similarly. A ballot with similar information was placed in each teacher’s mailbox. A ballot box was placed in the staff lounge for voting. The SGC received a total of 8 ballots back. All teachers (Tinker, Nickelson, Gazdzicki, Lerner, and Annicelli) were elected unanimously. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped out.

3. Budget Meeting
Heredia: There is a district SGC budgeting meeting Thursday, December 3, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. at Annie Fisher Magnet School. This meeting is open to all members. They will talk about the budgeting process in detail and you will be able to ask questions. It is a great opportunity. I know Ms. McLaughlin will definitely be attending and if any others are able to, I would highly encourage you to attend as well.

4. Our Current Budget Status
Heredia: As of 11/20/15 we are down $289,000. It appears that we are going to remain at this number. We are currently missing 44 students. Each student is worth about $10,000. That amount will change based on the accommodations each student receives. There has been no middle school math teacher all year. In a way this helps to reduce the deficit. We are hoping to get money back when a new teacher is available.

Enrollment is down since last year. Our budget is created based on the numbers estimated from the previous year. It is called the projected enrollment. This entire process takes place in the spring. We will revisit the budget in late January.

5. Preliminary Map Testing Scores
Heredia: For Reading, 81 students or 24% if our students were at 50% as of last spring. As of now 123 students are at 33%. The benchmark is 111 students or 33%. 146 students or 39% of students were below 49%. We had 133 students or 39% if students below grade level. Now we have 96 students or 25% who are below grade level. We are improving! There were 50 more students tested this year than last year. This may not seem like a big improvement but we have come a long way.

Once the information and data is official it will be published and reported. We should publish it in the Achieve Hartford and the Parent News Letter so that people can see our scores and how much we are improving.

6. Parent Engagement
Heredia: There are a few more parents here today. Thank you Mr. Jackson and Zulma for coming. We will need to vote to add them officially to our membership. We should all continue promote the SGC to parents as a way to increase membership and participation.

7. Schedule Future Meeting
Our next meeting will be February 23rd at 5:15 p.m. It is a Tuesday.

Lerner: In order to bring more parents they need to be voted in?

Heredia: Yes they will need to be voted in with a 2/3rds majority vote.

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