School SGCAmerica’s Choice at SAND
LocationMain Office Conference Room

Samantha Pacheco, Dennis Annicelli, Quentasha Hutley, J. Levi Nickelson, Anne Lerner, Molly McLaughlin, Gerardo Heredia


1. Introduction
Heredia: We will be having SGC Meetings every third Tuesday of the month. We are required to have at least 6 meetings a year. The meeting time will need to be pushed to 5:15 p.m. because we have staff meetings every Tuesday.

We will be talking about a lot of different topics in these meetings. One major topic will be the school budget. Downtown is telling us that we have over a $350,000 deficit. What does that mean for us? It means that some people may not have a job. The first people to go would be the non-essential staff. We don’t want there to be a riff. This may or may not happen. It is all based on enrollment and the previous year’s budget. This may not happen, so far nothing has happened and we will continue to function as we are until we are told otherwise.

Where does the money come from? It can come from a number of places; Downtown, it could be recovered from cutting positions, getting more students, or it could be recovered from substitute teachers. This means we will be limited with supplies and transportation. Just know we have come a long way. We live by the motto S.A.N.D. School…united with families and students.

2. Rules and Regulations
Heredia: We will need to nominate a Chair to facilitate this group. We will have to vote on this. They will work alongside myself and Ms. McLaughlin to come up with an agenda for each meeting. We need 7 parents, 5 teachers, and 2 community partners to participate in the SGC. Right now we only have 2 parents here; Ms. Pacheco and Quentasha. We will need to continue to reach out to parents to continue to increase parent involvement.

Annicelli: I know Mr. Guadalupe, Adrianna’s father has been very involved in the past.

Nickelson: Maybe we can create some kind of incentive for the kids as a way to engage parents.

Annicelli: I will also reach out to Mr. Jackson. He is very involved with the basketball team and he might be interested.

Pacheco: It would be nice to get some t-shirts made so we can advertize the group. I could wear it and people will see where my kids go to school and see that I am involved.

3. Norms
Heredia: Please be on time. We will meet regularly; every third Tuesday of the month.

4. Data
Heredia: (explained data on the walls in conference room; colors, progression, levels, and objective) at grade level, we are working on 24% or 81 students are proficient. We need to be at 34% for a 10% increase. For Math we are at 8% of students and we need to be at 28%. This is a 20% increase. Those numbers are low partially because we do not have a middle school math teacher. We have been looking and currently there are several teachers helping to fill in.

On the other wall we have attendance data. This shows students’ progress. Last year 47% of our students were chronically absent.

Pacheco: I know my kids had a lot of absences last year.

Heredia: This year Ms. Garcia is in charge of attendance and we are doing much better.

5. Set up Election
Heredia: Ms. McLaughlin will work on sending out the ballots to all of the families. They will be returned and counted. Our results will be given at our next meeting. We will conduct elections for the parent and teacher participants.

6. Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council
Heredia: The Superintendent has decided to put together a Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council. There will be various meetings throughout the year. You will be responsible for getting to these meetings on your own. Would either of you like to participate in this?

Pacheco: I will. I will just need to work out where my kids can go after school.

Heredia: The meetings will be in the afternoon.

7. Schedule Future Meetings
Heredia: Our next meeting will be the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. That will be November 17th.

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