School SGCDr. Michael D. Fox School
LocationRoom 125

Iris Ramos, Carolyn Vargas, Lori Thompson, Julie Flynn, Amanda Struble, Melissa Layman, Yaritza Lugo, Angela Chagnon, Rebecca Medina, John Prescod


Date: 11/18/15
Time: 3:15-4:15 PM
Facilitator: Iris Ramos
Recorder: Melissa Layman
Time Keeper: Iris Ramos

Agenda Item#1. Review Norms
Action Steps:
1. Be on time
2. Every voice is heard even if the opinion is different
3. Solution Based
4. Everything discussed is confidential
5. Stay focused on the agenda
6. Agree to disagree in a respectful way

Agenda Item #2. Updates as a school from Math, Reading, School Climate and Attendance committees to compare with SIP
Action Steps:
Attendance –
2/ month or 18 in school year = chronic absence
Even when sick still counted as absence, note determines excused/unexcused
Tardiness – 3/month

Behavior –
Tracked using referrals – explain the behavior, when, where
Behavior techs track referrals, process offense w/ child and determine consequence (in/out suspension)
Goal is to reduce suspension rate
Cafeteria is an area of concern/ understaffed

Fall/Spring test dates
Questions about intervention like last year
Reg. Ed tutors starting in a few weeks for students 2 grade levels below
Enrichment tutors possible?

Benchmarking –
Students leveled based on reading level, guide used to show where students should be each month through the school year
Data Team –
Teachers meet 1x week to discuss academic data, attendance
Look at students strengths/ weaknesses make a plan to improve, groupings

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SecretaryMelissa Layman ("Recorder")