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Christian Arsenault, Kelly Macri, Kayla Biggs, Kim Kiefer, Megan FitzGerald, Drew Shattuck, Robin Gulley, Joan Cruz, Ken Ramos


"January 14, 2016
CCCMA SGC Meeting Minutes

Present: Christian Arsenault (Dean), Kayla Biggs (Science), Kelly Macri (Math), Megan FitzGerald (English), Ken Ramos (Student), Joan Cruz (Parent), Drew Shattuck (Parent), Robin Gulley (Parent), Kim Kiefer (Special Education)

• Welcome and Dinner
o Christian explained how thankful he is for LaKisha for helping with the college class scheduling because it is an extensive process that is time consuming and logistically difficult and she provides us tremendous support in getting it all done
• Agenda Overview
• Mid-Year Data Reflection
o 89.89% daily attendance when we are aiming for 90% daily attendance. The difference between 4 or 5 kids being sick and absent for school. Lowest it has gotten this year is around 89.5%
o No suspensions still
o 16/110 Referrals- we plan to exceed our goal by a lot
o School climate- we have increased by about 30%, we are waiting on the actual data from the school climate survey towards the end of the year to get a more solid idea of where we stand
 Strategies to get students to reflect upon their overall experience here at CCCMA while taking the climate survey, not necessarily about their feelings in the current moment and to help students think about their perception of CCCMA compared to their previous schools
 Explain how “neutral” does not contribute to the overall score and students should think about feeling positive or negative and choosing those rather than neutral if they don’t truly feel neutral
 Robin Gulley had a question about whether or not the students know what the school climate is used for
• Christian Arsenault said that the students were told that the numbers were put out for people to see what the stakeholders think about the school and to help us understand where we need to improve.
o PSAT scores- we saw growth in overall scores and math scores, reading scores went down (surprisingly)
 Students will be taking the SAT in March which will allow us to really analyze growth of our Junior class from the PSAT
 Staff spent time yesterday 1/13/16 at staff meeting to develop strategies to improve scores over the next few months for the SATs
 SAT class will be offered this semester for a large portion of the Juniors; will be focused on Math
o Average GPA 3.2 this semester, 10 students who got straight A’s, no F’s, and very few D’s (42% of students enrolled)
 This coming semester we will be having 77% of our students taking college classes
 Have not set a goal GPA but we are aiming to stay above a 3.0 and we will be completely impressed to get above the 3.2 we got this past semester
o Data will be shared with the Board of Ed to pass on the good news as well as to all members of the SGC for our reference
• Recruitment Update/Planning
o Looked at numbers for lottery/recruitment from last year compared to this year
o Recruitment is difficult for CCCMA because we are an 11th and 12th grade school and we are taking 10th graders and trying to convince them to leave their schools and start college early
 Metric to measure desegregation is the amount of “reduced isolation” and 25% is considered compliant
• 4% reduced isolation (2 students) last year but we were not able to recruit because students were signed up before staff was even hired
• 15% reduced isolation this year with active recruiting
• Next year we need to actively recruit 8 more students to still be compliant; we are in a trial period
• Demographics have changed so the suburbs (New Britain, East Hartford, etc) are not likely to contribute to the reduced isolation as they would have 10 years ago as well as there are now 26 options to choose from in terms of magnet schools
o “Open to all magnet school” option for 11th and 12th grade students allows us to draw in students who are trying to leave their schools and do not have many more options
o Lottery period has been extended another month so we are about half way through our recruitment for next year
 13% reduced isolation in our “1st choice” and 16% overall choice (up from 14% last year)
o February 29th is the current deadline for the lottery- the compliance and lottery totals in general are down this year; What are we going to do to increase our numbers for the next month?
 Finding standardized test prep centers in target towns and talk to parents/hand out flyers because there will be 10th grade students who are clearly interested in college
 Hand out flyers in public places
 Limited by budget of about $3000 this year for recruitment
 College will be sending out information about our school to the students who are enrolled
 Media attention- news, radio stations, etc.
• Need something to set us apart- fundraiser involved a gimmicky act that will get attention and want people to cover the story
 Teach for America- what connections can we make?
 Youth Leadership programs
 College fairs
 Community events (Manchester Road Race, Glastonbury Apple Fest, etc.)
 Youth centers in various towns
o Commit to
 Kayla will go to tutoring centers to pass out brochures
 Student council will split up and hand out flyers at Buckland and West Farms mall
 Megan will be contacting Youth Leadership programs and giving them our information
 All of us will commit to having a presence on social media about CCCMA
• Other
o Budget meeting next time, we will have a projected amount to work with Next meeting will be about the budget. Hopeful to grow up to 90 students so we would have about $300,000 extra to work with for the coming year
 Will be looking to add a social worker
 Need to think about what we would like to see, SGC signs off on the budget
 Next meeting will be February 16th, 2016

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