School SGCDr. Michael D. Fox School
LocationRoom 125

Maribel Corbett, Carolyn Vargas, Lori Thompson, Julie Flynn, Amanda Struble, Melissa Layman, Linda Hunter-Williams, Yaritza Lugo, Angela Chagnon, Vanessa Real, Rebecca Medina, Ingrid Roach, John Prescod, Auris Santos


"1. Review Norms:
*Be on time
*Every voice is heard even if the opinion is different
*Solution Based
*Everything discussed is confidential
*Stay focused on the agenda
*Agree to disagree in a respectful way

2. Meeting Time:
Next meeting time changed to 3:30 – 4:30pm
*PTO/ Village room will be opened after school for parents to wait in before meeting
*Rebecca Medina will over see childcare in PTO/Village room during meeting
*Possible student volunteers – Mayliz (7th grader)

**Mrs. Corbett will be unable to attend next meeting so Mrs. Ramos will attend in her place

3. OTM Updates:
Natasha Durante has been notified of councils status, ready for next steps

*Is it going to be a vote or open process
*Vote –SGC council votes on Mrs. Corbett as only candidate
*Open Process – Multiple candidates will be screened and interviewed
*Need training dates from Natasha Durante

4. Compact Training
* Living document
* Tool to use with everyone
* Year long process to develop, differentiate for grade levels
* Compact is not guidelines of what is expected of students and parents
* Parents/students should not sign the compact as an agreement but may sign an acknowledgement of receipt
* “Parent Friendly SIP”

5. Student Based Budgeting Process Meeting:
* Meeting scheduled for 12/3 or 12/10
* Mrs. Corbett and Ms. Vargas will be attending
* Question if there are restrictions of other SGC members attending
* Voting will be in February

6. Set agenda for next meeting 11/18:
* Updates as a school from Math, Reading, School Climate and Attendance committees to compare with SIP
*Email list made available to all members
*Determine next steps for voting process
*Determine which members of SGC may attend budget training

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SecretaryMelissa Layman