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Carolyn Havrda, Cindy Kehoe, Dee Dee Kielbasa-Desmaris, Lauren Akerlind, Ruth Tracy, Jennifer Shannon, Victor Paul, Nancy Mendez, Maureen Andrews, Mary Matos, Rosana Bannock (phone), Christy D'Aquila (phone)


Student Governance Council Meeting Minutes

February 23, 2016
5:30-7:00 pm

Members present:
Carolyn Havrda, Cindy Kehoe, Dee Dee Kielbasa-Desmaris, Lauren Akerlind, Ruth Tracy, Jennifer Shannon, Victor Paul, Nancy Mendez, Maureen Andrews, Mary Matos, Rosana Bannock (phone), Christy D'Aquila (phone)

Ground rules:
SGC ground rules were read aloud by members of the SGC.

Overview/ update of school location/ communications/ action steps
It was announced that the school will continue to operate at the present campuses for the 2016-17 school year. Advocacy by parents who spoke on behalf of our school at the BOE meeting likely sparked the quick response from the Superintendent bringing clarity to our next steps for location.

The closing remains set for May 1, 2016. Visits can be made to the new building on Franklin Ave. after purchase is complete. The lease for the medical group located in the building will remain.

Nancy Mendez mentioned that the location has not affected applications for the lottery. There are about 20- 25 sibling applications and 70 three year old applications. The school will add about 54 three year olds. We will add one upper elementary classroom. Please let parents know that Kindergarten students that are presently enrolled need not apply even though they may be getting school messengers.

Discussion of 2016-17 BUDGET

Carolyn Havrda presented the Montessori Magnet @ Moylan revenue. There is a $29,295 loss from last year’s funds even though we are still growing. Each child outside of Hartford was previously funded $ 13,054. Now that number is $11,000. There are presently 282 students projected (133 H/149S with increase of 27 students for growth to 6th grade). Staffing eliminations include: 1full time, 4 part time, and 6.7% Extended Day Differential for certified staff.

SGC members reviewed the 2016- 2017 expenditures. Money will come from the incubation funds for the classroom supplies so everything can be ordered and delivered in time for 2016- 17 school year.

SGC will need to come to consensus regarding moving money from instructional supplies, which comes from the incubation funds, to meet the Fringe Benefits deficit. The communication and consensus will take place through e-mail by Monday February 29, 2016. Post the meeting the deficit was found to be an error so no adjustment is needed.

SGC came to consensus to add 1 full time math/language tutor with contingency funds if compliant or instructional supplies if not. Concern was noted for the lack of instructional support staff beyond mandated staff. Also, consensus was given to move nursing supplies $500 to instructional supplies as the nurses are well stocked for next year. $500 will remain there.

Priority list of restoring staff would be Common Core Coach, Tutors, Interns, Social Worker from .5 to a full time position. Post the meeting and agreed to via email the Common Core Coach was restored and the Operations Manager was eliminated for now. HPS finance department now indicates these are preliminary budgets. A letter, approved by email consensus was sent from our SGC requesting the small school subsidy in order to assist in our staffing cuts.

A letter to the Superintendent for the proposed early dismissal (1:55) on Wednesdays (changed to Thursday post meeting) to allow for teacher prep time and necessary staff meetings was reviewed. Professional development as well as additional contract prep time is needed especially with our split campuses. Opmad will look into changing their schedule based on grant funds. Consensus was reached to present the proposal. One change to be added will be a sentence pertaining to having the change be in place for one year. Associate Superintendent Dr. Carbone is in favor of this proposal. However, post the meeting she requests that our early day move to Thursdays so that specials staff can be more easily shared amongst area schools that dismiss early on Wednesdays. A letter, approved by email consensus, with this request will be sent to the Superintendent.

Review of School Compact plan/ action for updating

Nancy Mendez spoke with Judy Carson who does the training for school compacts. Ms. Carson is willing to come and present “How Friendly is Your school?” This can help with increased family school engagement. Maybe even have MMCO join SGC to experience workshop. There is also a CREC website for compact training. How insider views the school is different from what an outsider/ new person views it.
Nancy will get dates and pass on the information.

Next Meeting: Monday, March 28,2016

Minutes submitted by Cynthia Kehoe

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