School SGCParkville Community School
LocationRiver Room

Suzanne Allen, Dirk Olmstead, Laura Harche, Patricia Hahn, Amy Massing,David Morin, Edith Lazu


"Agenda: Parkville Budget
3:07pm Meeting begins
Parkville variance: 5,165,257
Projected 533 students (different from actual total)
PK- 35
K- 77
1- 86
2- 84
3- 90
4- 91
5- 70
Includes 167 ELL projected for next year (Current is 177)
Special Ed- 65
Magnet schools do not accept students after October 1st, and if students leave the money does not follow them to their new school.
46 K students not on grade level DIBELS, funds allotted for this
MAP 199 students not on grade level, funds allotted: $583
5 Gifted and Talented students at Parkville
3:15-4:00 The Committee reviewed the staff salary break down for Certified Full Time and Part Time positions as well as Non-Certified
Bussing for field trips, Parent activities, transportation, Instructional Supplies 80,0000, etc.
Contingency Fund: 90,000 (money that can be used elsewhere in the budget if different areas fall short.
MHIS- $75 per student
• Budget must be completed for approval by next Friday, February 26th
4:03 During the meeting- 6 students were taken from the budget. Budget now reflects 527 students.
EL Vote- Will take 2 weeks to hear results
Grand Opening of Health Clinic: Monday, February 22nd

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SecretarySuzanne Allen