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Lauren Akerlind, Maureen Andrews, Rosana Bannock, Joe Gonzalez, Carolyn Havrda, Cynthia Kehoe, Dee Dee Kielbasa-Desmarais, Nancy Mendez, Victor Paul, Ruth Tracy, Jennifer Shannon, Christy D'Aquila (via phone conference call) Members absent: Jacqueline Cossentino


Montessori Magnet Governance Council Minutes October 5, 2015
5:30 pm
Members present: Lauren Akerlind, Maureen Andrews, Rosana Bannock, Joe Gonzalez, Carolyn Havrda, Cynthia Kehoe, Dee Dee Kielbasa-Desmarais, Nancy Mendez, Victor Paul, Ruth Tracy, Jennifer Shannon, Christy D’Aquila (via phone conference call)
Members absent: Jacqueline Cossentino
Review of SGC training manual
SGC training binder prepared by sub committee (Bannock, Akerlind, Tracy) was distributed and reviewed. A training grid with all district-training opportunities was filled out by members that attended sessions already held. Participants in the Co-chair training and the SGC TEAM Building, SGC Rules and Responsibilities trainings shared learning/experiences.
Role of SGC Chair
Parent Chair Nancy Mendez reviewed how the SGC Chair was chosen and role. The SGC parent chair works with the SGC creating agendas and leading meetings based on community needs shared through parent members to support those members and to use MMCO meetings to communicate any SGC items. Joe Gonzalez was absent at last SGC. He expressed agreement & did not dispute election of parent Chair Nancy Mendez.
Community Member presentations
o Mary Matos OPMAD On-Site coordinator
Anne Marie presented reasons for her interest in being a community member representative. At Montessori Magnet Mary is currently the school’s On-Site Coordinator. She feels that being a SGC member is an asset so that she can support all of the families of our school including those that OPMAD provides services to. Kathy Evans & Mary Matos discussed their role as OPMAD, a before and after school provider for children needing care in various schools in the area.
o Anne Marie Williams (time moved to accommodate delay of arrival to 6:30 pm)
Anne Marie presented reasons for wanting to be a community member representative. Anne Marie lives in the Hartford community. She feels she has a personal relationship with the children. Last year she worked with Mr. Hilsdon’s class on writing and singing music. Anne Marie is working on a program “Elders Speak” to get elders involved with our youth, which is a program to honor the elderly that have done wonderful things in the community. She also works with drummers in the community. Her arts program is K LA Rue. She is also interested in the behavioral supports programming PBIS that other schools in Hartford use.
Consensus on Community Partner
The portion of the roles and the responsibilities of the SGC titled, “How are community members elected to the council?” page 3 of the State of CT Guidance for School Governance Councils, Membership and Election Procedures was reviewed. Further discussion took place around the selection of a SGC community member. A closed vote was taken and as a result of a vote of 10 to 1, Mary Matos of OPMAD was selected as our newest SGC community member. If in the future a community organization spot on the SGC becomes available, the council decided to invite Anne Marie back to present to the SGC as part of the community partnership selection, in appreciation for her support to our school community. This doesn’t guarantee an appointment, as it will be an open opportunity for other community agencies to present to the SGC at that time also. The Parent Co-Chair, Nancy Mendez, thanked both parties for their hard work and encouraged all to continue their work for the MM community.
Overview/update of school location status/information (5)
The new location of 425 Franklin Avenue passed through City Council. The state bond commission still needs to pass the proposal. HPS is ready to move forward as soon as the sale of the property is completed. Information gained following the 12/5 meeting from Dr. Slater indicates that confirmation is scheduled during the CT State Office of Policy and Management scheduled for October 30th. The Governor is the Chairperson of the meeting, which is public. More information can be found at
HPS will receive a phone call immediately after the meeting informing the Facilities Department of the outcome.
Review Final enrollment data (5)
As of Oct. 5, we have 259 students. Our School Based Budgeting fund should increase approximately 60 thousand dollars.
Posting for Administrative support (5)
There remains a need for administrative support either a Dean of Students or an Assistant Principal who is culturally proficient and Montessori Trained. It is hoped that there will be an open interview process similar to the process used to hire our guides where parents can meet candidates and ask questions. Funding for this hire would come from the consolidation of funds inclusive of gains in funding after final enrollment numbers from the October 1 count are certified. Mathematically, the position should be able to be funded going forward due to increased enrollment as our school continues to grow. Internal posting for the position will happen after funds are secured.
Analyze 2014-15 school data /Overview of revised 2015-16 School Implementation Plan-SIP
The 2015 FACT SHEET was reviewed. SBAC scores indicate that 38% of our 3rd graders met proficiency in Math and ELA/38% of our 4th graders met proficiency in ELA/31% of 4th graders met proficiency in Math. 26 students were tested. Scores were stronger that the average district

scores but less than the state average. A next direction, as data is analyzed, is an emphasis on student ability to communicate learning through writing.
Parts of the SIP that includes strategies on how to support students in the area of reading and math were reviewed and strategies to support our Tier 2 and Tier 3 students in small groups in ELA were shared. A district STEM coach will be supporting MM in Math. In the area of Climate, attendance remains a focus even though there are improvements. To improve teacher communication, teachers are logging positive phone calls/communications. Each teacher is required to reach each family at least once a month. MM had 2 new parent orientations and also a pre-conference with each family. All parents were given the parents guide to the Montessori Classroom. Another area that was discussed was in the area of cultural awareness. MM will continue to work on bringing in resources revolved around our diverse community. MM will continue to have consistent conversations in the area of cultural diversity and awareness in relation to our school community and the world around us. The staff continues work with the book Courageous Conversations about Race-A Field Guide for Achieving Equity in Schools.
Meeting adjourned: 7:20 pm
Next Meeting: November 16, 2015 Moylan Library 5:30-7:00 pm
Next SGC Training: School Compacts October 22nd at Annie Fisher Stem Magnet.

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