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School Transition Resources for Families & Students

Together, we have developed a District Model for Excellence plan that ensures that we provide high-quality education for all students and reflects what you, our Hartford Public Schools Community, believe makes a great school. Our commitment to our guiding principles and major actions will help us to build a network of excellent schools together.

Part of our plan includes school reconfiguration to create clear pathways for all students throughout the district. We continue to support our school communities with preparing for school transition.

On behalf of everyone at Hartford Public Schools, we extend our deep appreciation to you and your families for the difficult work of school transition. Change can be hard. Please know that the entire district stands behind you and beside you to help make your transition experience a positive one.

Upcoming School Transition Events

Hartford Public Schools has planned events to provide families and students with opportunities to engage in open houses, information nights, and social events to help prepare for upcoming school and grade transitions. We look forward to seeing you!

School Transition Pathways