Schools Delight their Students with Car Parades

Schools Delight their Students with Car Parades

Several of our schools are delighting their students and families with car parades through the students’ neighborhoods.  Parkville Community School Car Parade on Thursday, May 7 was a wonderful event and true success.

Principal Omaris Journet, reflects, “We were very happy to see many of our students, families, and community members in the Parkville neighborhood. We all had big smiles!”

Below is the link to Telemundo’s interview with Parkville Community School Principal Omaris Journet.

Burns School held their parade Friday, May 8 at 2:30 PM. Hartford Magnet Trinity College also highlighted their car parade on Twitter and YouTube.

Parkville Community School Principal Omaris Journet states, “I would like to thank our district leaders, Evette Avila, Oliver Barton, and the Hartford Fire and Police Department for supporting our school and community!”