Science & Technology Fair Winners Announced

Congratulations to all the students who participated in this year’s Science & Technology Fair at the State Armory! Students from all over the district presented their work in science and technology, from displays about ecosystems and recycling, to robotics and Esports.

Distinguished Projects
Students who scored in the top of their categories were recognized as Distinguished Projects.

Computing Challenge

Challenge: Identify an issue and propose a computing solution that embraces the theme of Coding for Good. Create a prototype of your idea with a complete user interface and one or more working features that you programmed yourself.

Middle School

  • Sidi Kone – AF STEM: “I Recycle”
  • Carl Allen – AF STEM: “Community Organizer”
  • Michael Jiles – AF STEM: “Emotion Robot”
  • Naithan Miller – Burr: Scratch Games

High School

  • Sherlyn Chavez – GPA: Town App + Game
  • Ricardo Vega – GPA: Community App
  • Arianah Gonzalez – GPA: Community App
  • Emma Leet – GPA: Community App
  • Alyssa Blimin – GPA: Community App
  • Carlianys Lopez – GPA: Community App
  • Catharina Walter Gillette – GPA: Community App
  • Jayden Ankrah – GPA: Community App
  • Mariah Burgos – GPA: Community App
  • Murthida Salaou – GPA: Community App
  • Eliel Perez – Pathways: “Whoops!”

Prototype Challenge

Apply empathetic design to prototype a solution to a problem for a particular user or group

  • Aden Bakayoko & Adam Tart – BSTEM: Mouse Trap Car
  • Giovanni Torres – HMTCA: Medicine Dispenser
  • Bella Pramanik & Natalie Pringle – HMTCA: Typewriter Robot
  • Carlos Velez & Evan Smith – HMTCA: The Food Packaging Robot
  • Alex Caldwell & Luis Cruz – HPHS: Renew the World
  • Robert Heims & Evan Hernandez – HMTCA: The Doodle Bot
  • Ray Medina & Uzoma Chukwurah – Classical: Graphics Lab

Science Fair

Present a course project from K-5 Science, 6-8 Science, Integrated Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Wild Card

6th Grade

  • Petro Narutongo, Neri Ortiz, Ja’zhon Johnson, Jayniel Maestre – Burr
  • Vishal Gopalakrishnan – Webster 
  • Mirae Swan, Alex Taylor, Parvathi Krishna – Environmental Sciences Magnet
  • Ja’lazia Newell – Milner
  • Krithick Shanmugam – Betances STEM

7th Grade

  • Brianna Cruz Pacheco, Mackenzie Dunn, Yelana Forbes, Jenaleys Molina – Betances STEM
  • Eleeana Brown, Sarabbey Boaitey, Dima Hamam, Leilani Pratts – Breakthrough South
  • Valentina Morales & Geyavelia Grier – Global Communications Academy
  • Xavier Rivera – Global Communications Academy

8th Grade

  • Willow Marchand, Bianca Cruz, Kleyri Guzman – Breakthrough South
  • Kalina Clais, Ezequiel Vega – Betances STEM
  • Javon Chambers – Global Communications Academy
  • Kishawna Dent – Global Communications Academy
  • Nathaniel Feliciano – Renzulli
  • Ricardo Riera, Nicolas Roman, Dacius Gonzalez, Shanlay Claude, Say Htoo, Angel Vicente – Burr
  • Evelyn Angelin – HMTCA
  • Caua Frais Tetzner, Keteli Da Silva, Genesis Hernandez Ramos, Fernanda Lataro, Kamilly Da Souza Ferreira – McDonough
  • Ilunga Trotman, Julissa Johnson – Milner

Physical Science

  • Weinner Teheran & David Lopez Ramirez – Bulkeley High
  • Josiah Fyffe – Bulkeley High
  • Essence Roman – Hartford Public High School
  • Jada Wilson – Hartford Public High School
  • Liam James – Kinsella Performing Arts Upper
  • AJ Caldwell – Kinsella Performing Arts Upper


  • Rania Bouchemia – GPA
  • Michelle Wilson – HPHS
  • Janae Wilson, Jamillia Johnson, Larissa Riggs – Weaver


Yesmaely Roman & Ayana Miller – Classical

Wild Card

  • Garrett Bartko & Anuj Patel – University High
  • Jamia Luxier – Kinsella Upper
  • Angel Montero, William Wray, Angel Munoz, Tun Qua – Great Path Academy
  • Madison McFarlane – UHSSE
  • Olivia Houle, Manahil Memon – – UHSSE
  • Mia Rodriguez & Albiona Teqolli – UHSSE
  • Oscar Wong & Nasere Lewin – UHSSE
  • Amelia Porter & Basmillah El-Mozraawi – UHSSE
  • Paramvir Rakwal & Essowe Bekley – UHSSE

Check out the Science & Technology Fair Time-lapse Video!
Thursday, 5/18 – Friday, 5/19/23

Courtesy of Oshane Thorpe, ReadyCT Program Manager, Weaver High School Journalism and Media

Outstanding Project
In each category, an Outstanding Project was also recognized. Younger students won science/technology kits or earbuds, and students over the age of 16 won Makerspace CT memberships. The Outstanding Project winners are:

Middle School Computing Edgar Jimmenez-Torres  & Ishmail Amarh – Classical: “Run Away”
High School Computing Javelle Stewart – Classical: ReCodePop Website

William Wray – GPA: Community App + Game Concept

Prototype Challenge Jada Bradley & Gabriella Bois – Classical: Robotics
Science Fair 6th Grade Zahkye Brown – Renzulli Academy
Science Fair 7th Grade Ka-Maleeh Hawkins – Global Communications Academy: Pacific Temperate Rainforest
Science Fair 8th Grade Nareima White – HMTCA
Physical Science Dariel Mercado & Matthew Caceres – Great Path Academy
Biology Ethereal Jace – Weaver HS
Chemistry Kyarelis Jimenez & Janelle Mitchell – Classical
Physics Vanessa Willis & Gianna Somwaru – HPHS
Wild Card Elijah Davis & Isaiah Woodward – University High


Best in Show
Finally, Best in Show prizes went to projects that stood out to the judges across the categories in Middle School and High School tech and science. Congratulations to the Best in Show winners:

Middle School Technology Kayla Reid – 6th Grade
Annie Fisher STEM Magnet
The “Give-It-Back Pack”
Middle School Science Javon Chambers
Global Communications Academy
“Cystic Fibrosis”
High School Technology Breyden Thompson – Senior
Pathways to Technology HS
“Continuity Error”
High School Science Jaleel Jaggroo & Qaasim Ali
University High School of Science & Engineering
“Acoustic Pollution”ANDMilady Rivera, Joshua Morgan, Joanna Miller, Jadiyah Campbell, Tiahra Hawkins
Weaver High School
“Reusing Plastic”