SMSA Students Excel in Capstone Projects

SMSA Students Excel in Capstone Projects

Sport and Medical Sciences Academy students created some very strong Capstone projects this year that deserve attention and praise. Below are only two of the many projects.

Keith Berrout created a very personal Capstone project. Keith is known as our State Champion track athlete, but he is also a champion for helping others. This young man chose to bravely raise awareness for mental health as his senior year Capstone project. He reached out to the Jordan Porco Foundation, and together they raised awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. Keith appeared on iHeart Radio, Fox 61 News, and was a speaker at the Jordan Porco Gala. Keith Berrout is a brave and unselfish young man, who’s only goal was to save lives.

Please click here to hear his story and see our very own SMSA Tiger on Channel 61 news.

SMSA student, Diana Garcia taught alongside Mrs. Rojas at Adult Education for the majority of the school year until our unexpected  closure.  Diana not only prepared lessons and activities for Mrs. Rojas’ ESL classes, but she coordinated a plan to bring a group of SMSA seniors to engage in a fun learning activity with her students at Adult Education.  Diana was able to share her experience at Adult Education with Bay Shar, Paola Andino, and Sherese Bennett, and the activity required our students to engage in conversation with the adult language learners.



SMSA has had a long standing partnership with Adult Education with the help of Mrs. Rojas and Mrs. Nguyen.  Diana is following in the footsteps of her brother, Josue Garcia, who took on the same Capstone his senior year.

Congratulations, Keith,  Diana and the Class of 2020 on an amazing year of service!




Capstone Coordinator, Amy Boutilier created the below list of Capstone work accomplished by seniors at SMSA this year:

Class of 2020:  Look What You Have Done!

Woke up many cold Saturday mornings at 6 am to get to South Church and serve breakfast to many of Harford’s food insecure. 

Created the Scribble Society blending together art and creative writing giving students an outlet for their creative skills.

Hosted what seemed like a thousand middle school student in the library for Pep Club during Advisory, showing your leadership skills, and genuine care for our younger tigers, all while giving one particular teacher a heart attack for choosing slime as an activity. 

Made us realize that passing the citizenship test is not easy, even if we lived in the US our entire lives.

Carried on our SMSA Athletics page, consistently reporting and posting on all major sporting events within the SMSA community, and keeping us connected with our sports teams. 

Worked with the Jordan Porco Foundation to raise awareness for mental health, appearing on iHeart Radio and Channel 30 to share your very personal experiences with mental illness.

You bravely brought in a bunny, turtle and guinea pig to preschoolers and thought on your feet to console the little one terrified by the bunny all while fielding a barrage of questions.

Led a group of girls and women to embrace their natural beauty in your after school club, giving women a place to gather and share their experiences in our society. 

Served as our IT resource, fixing our issues with google classroom, possessed printers, and troubleshooting all our tech needs. 

You have kept patients in hospice care company on Thanksgiving and Christmas, when they were not visited by their families.

Designed and sold our SMSA Strong t-shirts to serve as reminder of all that we have endured this COVID crisis, with proceeds going locally to CREC childcare organization. 

Taught dance in an after school club, that brought students together to give them the opportunity to express themselves through the therapeutic art of dance.

Led a team of peer tutors in the Tiger Center alongside Mrs. Svoboda for more than two years.

Worked throughout the year with Mrs. Rojas to plan activities for your Adult English language learners, even soliciting the support of your peers to come in and converse with the adults.

Modeled respectful discourse when discussing social justice issues. 

Volunteered in your local library for Science Saturdays, helping children with mini science experiments, setting up stations, and breaking them down. 

Filmed athletic footage for Tiger Talk highlighting our SMSA athletes.

Tutored in Mrs. Petrillo’s large 5th period math class, working with students, keeping them on task and rewording directions to help students understand. 

Created science activities for elementary school students in Mrs. Gilyard’s class and was a consistent teacher’s aide. 

Taught guitar to the youth in your church. 


For more information, please contact:

Amy Boutilier, Capstone Coordinator, Sport and Medical Sciences Academy



SMSA Senior Keith Berrouet Connecticut’s Fastest Sprinter