Social-Emotional Resources

Social-Emotional Resources

Coping with the challenges of life during the COVID-19 crisis can be difficult. Hartford Public Schools would like to share some of our favorite Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) resources from trusted organizations to help support students, families, and teachers. We also want to connect you with resources to support children’s emotional well-being amid Anti-Black Racism, racial violence, and trauma.

The first two SEL-related videos focus on Social Emotional Support for Students, and is appropriate for both educators and families.  This video is accompanied by a lengthy list of SEL Resources for Families.   As we know many families are struggling with the stress and anxiety due to the pandemic and school closures.

The second in the series was posted last week and is called Grief Supports for the School Community. We know that parents of students or students, staff members, and other school community members have died due to COVID-19. This narrated PowerPoint focuses on resources that can support those that are grieving.

For Families:

Resources to Support Children’s Emotional Well-Being Amid Anti-Black Racism, Racial Violence, and Trauma

Connecticut Child Development Infoline

Connecticut State Social-Emotional Resources for Families

Tips for Helping Your Child During the Pandemic | Consejos para ayudar a su hijo durante la pandemia

How Mindfulness Can Help During COVID-19
Tips for calming anxiety during a difficult time.

The Child Mind Institute’s Resources for Parents: Coping During COVID-19
DAILY FACEBOOK LIVE with child psychologists, Monday – Friday 10am and 4:30pm

Supporting Families During COVID-19
The Child Mind Institute’s comprehensive resource page

Resources from the Village for Families and Children
Tips, resources, information and TeleHealth


For Teachers:

Social-Emotional Learning Tips

De-escalation Tips in light of Coronavirus

Crisis Prevention Training for Educators