There are many professionals working tirelessly to provide high quality specialized instruction and related services to our students with IEPs (Individualized  Education Plans). As Hartford is a large district, we have many school teams. Here is how you can contact the right person to assist you with what you need. 

Staff Directory: Rev. 12/7/2022: Office of Student Support/Special Education Services

Department Directory
Main Number: (860) 695-8450  Fax (860) 722-8369

Jennifer Hoffman
Senior Executive Director

Karen D. Russ
Executive Assistant
(860) 695-8600

Elisha Hernandez
(860) 695-8639

Susan Bazzano
Out of District Specialist
(860) 695-8578

Ashley Cassello
Director of Special Education: Milner Middle School, Noah Webster Microsociety Magnet School, Expeditionary Learning Academy at Moylan School, Sarah J. Rawson Elementary School, Dr. Joseph S. Renzulli Gifted and Talented Academy, Breakthrough Magnet School South, Fred D. Wish Museum School, S.A.N.D. School 
(860) 550-2335

Mary Cristofaro
Director of Special Education: Weaver High School, Hartford Public High School, Bulkeley High School
(860) 695-8861

Teresa Davis
Director of Special Education: Global Communications Academy
(860) 695-8804

Laurie DiBlasi, Medicaid Coordinator

Elizabeth Duzy
Director of Compliance
(860) 695-8464

Pam Even
Director of Special Education: Out Of District Magnet Schools and Programs
(860) 695-8635

Cheyenne Mann
Asst. Director of Compliance
(860) 695-8614

Sharon McCutcheon
Out of District Specialist
(860) 695-8731

Lida Mendez
Director of Special Education
(860) 695-8715

Nelson Rivera Ph.D.,
Assistant Director, Director of Psychological Services and Director of Special Education: Annie Fisher STEM, Annie Fisher Montessori
(860) 695-8447

Linda Salters
Out of District Specialist

Rajni Salvaggio
Out of District Specialist
(860) 695-8450

Charity Smith
Out of District Specialist
(860) 372-2838

Joanne Tremblay-Jackson, Director of Social work and Behavioral Health, Title IX Coordinator and Director of Special Education
(860) 695-8725

Noreen Trenchard
Out of District Specialist
(860) 695-8557

Tracey Tarver Weisel
Out of District Specialist

Alison Ward
Director of Special Education: IGOAL Program Support Team housed at multiple locations, Breakthrough North, Early Childhood Development Team, Speech and Language, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Hearing and Visual Impairment, Hartford Pre-K Magnet, Soundbridge Programs, Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, Pre-K Magnet
(860) 695-4091

Luz Fraticelli
Program & Support,603 and Paraeducator Coordinator
(860) 695-8674

Maria Galarza
Compliance Monitor (ECDT)
(860) 695-4090

Kristin Garcia
504 Compliance Specialist
(860) 695-8804

Sharon Jackson
Support Facilitator/Records Management
(860) 695-8641

Christine Kuckel
SBCH Assistant
(860) 695-8694

Nicole Lareau
504 Compliance Specialist
(860) 695-4183

Kerry Shaheen
Student Based Coordinator: PowerSchool Data, Frontline, CTSEDS
(860) 695-8463