Sport and Medical Sciences Academy Senior Gives Back to Ben Bronz Academy for Capstone Project

Sport and Medical Sciences Academy Senior Gives Back to Ben Bronz Academy for Capstone Project

Published on Mar 3, 2016

Aaron Swahn, Glastonbury resident and senior at the Sport and Medical Sciences Academy in Hartford, is giving back to the Ben Bronz Academy in West Hartford.  Benz Bronz Academy is a full day school program which assists bright young students who may struggle to learn due to a learning disability.  Aaron attended Ben Bronz Academy’s Summer Program when he was in elementary school, and because of his positive experiences there, he wanted to give back to the school for his senior capstone project. 

As September rolls around for senior students at SMSA, they must determine the focus of their yearlong capstone project.  Aaron credits his mother for suggesting that he focus on dyslexia and working with the Ben Bronz Academy.  Our young senior loved his mother’s idea to work with students who struggled just as he did.  Aaron embraced the opportunity to be a role model and example of a student with a learning disability, who is able to thrive, graduate high school, and move onto college.  Aaron’s work at the Ben Bronz Academy has been recognized by his former tutor, and now mentor for the project, Carrie Shaw.  SMSA reaches out to the mentors who have guided students through their projects to check on their status, and recently Carrie reflected on Aaron’s work at Ben Bronz: He always had the drive and patience to work hard at learning new skills.  Because of his dyslexia, learning new concepts didn't come easily to him.  He didn't let that stop him then and it is such a joy to watch him work with the students at Ben Bronz Academy.  Many of these students haven't had 'success' in school yet because of their learning disabilities, etc. To have someone like Aaron share his experiences, frustrations and accomplishments is a bright light for these kids. They love to listen to him and many say he makes a difference being there. It's been a pleasure working with Aaron!”

Aaron and his family are also very appreciative of Rochelle Bloom, and Glastonbury teacher instrumental in getting the Ben Bronz programming into Aaron’s elementary school and home.  Aaron’s mother stated, “Aaron would not be where he is today if it were not for the support he received from Rochelle Bloom.”  Recently I was able to observe Aaron working with the students at Ben Bronz, and as we walked through the door, I heard a student yell from down the hall, “Hi, Aaron!” and then excitedly tell his friend, “Aaron is here today!”  As a teacher, that is all the proof we need to see that our kids are having an impact.  The Sport and Medical Sciences Academy is surely proud of Aaron Swahn, and believe he is an excellent example of the power young people have to make a difference in their community.

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Amy Boutilier

Sport and Medical Sciences Academy

Capstone Coordinator

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