An Inquisitive Mind Has the Upper-hand: Jordan Carter, Hartford Public Schools Graduate

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An Inquisitive Mind Has the Upper-hand:

Spotlight on Jordan Carter, Hartford Public Schools Graduate

If you spent any time at the HPS Welcome Center during the last two summers, you probably are acquainted with a bright, young man named Jordan Carter.  Jordan works as the summer intern helping the Welcome Center help the families of Hartford Public Schools.  On the day we spoke, Jordan had just mentored a young man who had lost track of his path to success. Jordan devoted a good amount of  time to him, helping the young man to re-identify his dreams and hopefully guiding him back onto the road to success.
Jordan excels at helping others while staying focused on his own goals.  He is entering his junior year at Marist College in NY State, majoring in Communications, studying radio, television and film, and is considering a double minor in business or public relations.  He grew up on Rosemont Street in the north end of Hartford and attended Noah Webster Microsociety Magnet School and graduated from Capital Preparatory Magnet School.  He was always determined to be accepted into college —  he says that his parents definitely orchestrated that idea.  He wasn't sure how to get there, but Capital Prep helped to get him ready for the heavy course-work and the rigor of college.  He learned to be independent and how to balance everything out.  At Capital, students needed to have two sports.  Jordan played basketball, baseball, football and crew.  He says he is conscientous of everything he does and tries to remain consistent in his achievements.
His parents gave him wisdom and urged him to spend time with older people like his brother, Brentley, three years his senior, who graduated from St. John's in Queens.  Jordan says his brother has always been a role model to him.   Jordan mentions that he knew he should make the most of Capital Prep, and was active in student government and in the organization called, MIA, or Men in Action.  MIA's mission is to cultivate a brotherhood of mentorship and academic support to share information and narrow-down goals to create college and career-ready graduates.  MIA brought in guest speakers from fraternities and from colleges to let students know about life at college–  what to expect, and what to stay away from.   Girls at Capital Prep have a similar group.
Jordan has published his own YouTube channel of inspirational documentaries called, Pure Entertainment, and "Hey, Mr. Carter!" that he ideated in class one day while bored and wanting a way to differentiate himself from other Communications students.  His mentor at Marist, Professor Timmian Massie advised him about social media, " You are establishing your credentials every day, with every post."  Other Marist activities in which Jordan participates include:  Former President of the Black Student Union, general board member of the Emerging Leaders Program, member of the Marist Ambassadors Porgram, MCTV, Fox Photography, Campus Ministry Community, where he works in the Poughkeepsie community helping unfortunate families.  He is also the Residential Advisor of a 54-student dormitory.
When asked about what advice and guidance he would give to other students, Jordan had no shortage of wisdom beyond his years, "You have to believe you can achieve anything, even if you don't know how.  Your thoughts play a tremendous part in how you see yourself and in the actions you take.  You must research what you're passionate about — think about where you'd like to see yourself ten years from now.  Think about the types of relationships you want, and you'll fall into a network of people with similar interests.  Remember that an inquisitive mind always has the upper-hand.  (Sometimes he doesn't know what he wants to do but that never stops him from raising his hand.)  To any young person– if you have a goal in mind, work at it.  Try.  Try big.  If you fail, fail big.  Don't be afraid to try.
About himself, Jordan says. "I keep in mind where I want to be.  I want to share confidence.  I want to let others know that it's okay to be yourself.  That's what makes me happy."


October is College & Career Readiness Awareness Month.  For more information contact Sonia Dinnall, Executive Director of College & Career Readiness at HPS.



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