To help meet the district goal of decreasing chronic absenteeism by 7% by 2022, the Student Engagement Specialist (SES) team works with district and school attendance teams to ensure that attendance policies and procedures are followed. On a more personal level, they also collaborate with office staff to transition late students – who are also more likely to be absent — and families upon arrival. The SES approach also involves identifying root causes for chronic absenteeism to address underlying issues with specific interventions. A student might not come to school because of suspensions and behavioral issues rooted in their overall social-emotional well-being. In that case, the student might be paired with an adult mentor –- a volunteer or community partner — who can meet with the student daily and talk about setting both behavioral and academic goals

Find your student’s Student Engagement Specialist below:



Student Engagement Specialist


MD Fox School

Sanchez School

Sport and Medical Sciences Academy

Kimberly Gordon

Weaver High School

Rawson School

Isaiah Jacobs
Bulkeley High School Brandon Elvas


Shirami Barcelo


Burns School Vanessa Willis


Burr School Gelly Segura
Dwight Bellizzi School Elvin Reyes



Rocio Heredia


Hartford Public High School Jessica (Jones) Garcia



Michelle Scott-Clue



Michael Savage


Joe Lombardo

Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School Dawn Chandler
McDonough Middle School Irma Olave
Milner Middle School Elijah Joseph
SAND School Mary Roberts
Wish Museum School Edward Brown

Global Communications Academy

Parkville School

West Middle School


Promoting Positive Culture


Beyond what they do in schools during the day to address absences, the SES staff also organize positive student engagement activities. Recent examples include pancake breakfasts or ice cream socials to celebrate students who have perfect attendance. “What we want to do also is encourage more activities where we bring parents in for an attendance celebration — activities to support building community, a culture of attendance within schools,” she said.

To dig deeper into the sources of student disengagement, the SES team plans to conduct focus groups with students, staff, and parents. A particularly innovative idea they are looking ahead to is organizing “Culture Walks” – or tours of schools to develop ideas to make campuses more welcoming.