Students from the Academy of Engineering & Green Technology Visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge

Students from the Academy of Engineering & Green Technology Visit the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge

by Pat Padlo & Amanda Marino from Women in Transportation Newsletter

On May 16th, a group of 35 students from the Hartford Academy of Engineering had
the pleasure of touring of the Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge. As the
students toured this mega project they learned about various areas of
engineering including: structural, civil, site, environmental, and waterway, site
planning, model building, computer design, and architecture. Students were
provided direct access to the project team to ask questions and learn about
the project. The day long program consisted of multiple presentations which discussed
the design of the project, the teams of people involved and a description of the
equipment they are using to build the new bridge and other improvements to
the surrounding area. The sessions included an overview of all phases.
These phases include a delicate design of a new 10-lane extradosed bridge and
construction improvements to I-95/I-91/Rt-34 interchange, I-95 interstate, waste
water treatment plant, utility improvements and the relocation of
beloved historical boat house.

All of the students were very excited to wear hard hats, safety vests, and to
explore the area where the construction is taking place. The tour of the job site
was packed with real construction information. After the tour the hungry,
yet happy students, enjoyed lunch with the Q-bridge team. The third
presentation continued through lunch and discussed the various work being
done on the bridge. After the completion of the third presentation a
more in depth presentation was given on 4-D modeling and its importance in
today’s construction management and planning. An interactive question and
answer session closed out the day.

This tour helped the students to understand the most important message:
the success of any project is build on a strong foundation. This foundation is
created by education which is paramount to success and to meeting personal and
professional goals.

We sincerely hope that through this visit, students gained insight into what
future employers seek in their perspective employee. Students were
given advice on how to be successful in college and how to prepare themselves
for future employment. The goal of these activities for the students was to
help connect Hartford Academy of Engineering school experiences with
real-life work.

Special thanks to our presenters: Brian Mercure of CT DOT, Vlad Kaminsky of
CT DOT , Matt Briggs of CTDOT, and Melissa Guerrero of PB.

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