Students Represent HPS at CABE’s “Day on the Hill” Event

Students Represent HPS at CABE’s “Day on the Hill” Event

Left to right, above, Student Advisory Council members, Jenallice and Marissa (7th grade) from Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, and Adrianna (11th grade) from Pathways Academy of Technology & Design were joined by Hartford Board of Education Chair Ayesha Clarke to represent Hartford Public Schools at the CABE Day on the Hill event. They learned about proposed legislation that will affect Connecticut public schools.

Since 1906, the Connecticut Association of Board of Education, or CABE, has provided services, programs, and other activities designed to help school boards and their individual members provide exemplary leadership in their school districts.

On March 11, 2020 CABE hosted its annual Day on the Hill event at Hartford’s Bushnell Theater; the intent being to share information about how proposed legislation and the latest key education issues will impact districts prior to the districts lobbying of their legislators.  Invitees include school Boards of Education members, Parent-Teacher Organizations, School Governance Councils, and students.

Our members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council were attentive and engaged in the presentations; 7th grader, Jenallice stood and asked a question about student participation in the State’s Board of Education.

CABE’s Sheila McKay offered kudos to the Hartford School District for being the first to request her training services to prepare Student Board of Education members.  Other districts in the room found that to be a compelling idea and expressed interest in it.  Go, Hartford!

After the information session, the group moved to the courtyard for a photo and an opportunity to chant support for public schools as a proxy to the cancelled March to the Legislative Building that had been planned.



You can listen to our Student Advisory Council members reflecting on their Day on the Hill in the video below.

CABE’s 2020 Legislative Priorities include:

Investing In Our Students
Strengthen the support for social and emotional learning
through professional development for eduators and provide
resources for students, parents and community members.

Supporting Our Schools
Remove the cap on the special education Excess Cost Grant.
Provide supports for increasing shared services.


Attracting and Retaining Quality Educators from Diverse Backgrounds
Support programs that promote the training, hiring and
retention of educators from diverse backgrounds.

Suppporting Educator Effectiveness for
All Students
Invest in programs that promote cultural competency for
all educators.