Superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez to Appoint Advisory Committee: Recommendations Will Be Considered for Two-Year Plan

March 29th, 2016 – Superintendent of Schools Beth Schiavino-Narvaez is appointing an Equity 2020 Advisory Committee charged with helping the district reach educational equity for Hartford students across the district, the primary focus of the district’s strategic operating plan.
Equity 2020 will serve as the district’s facilities master plan to build a robust menu of high-performing schools with clear pathways for students. This results-driven strategy will ensure that every child is educated in a safe, healthy and supportive learning environment.
“In our current context, I see an opportunity to address enrollment, facilities and capacity challenges,” said Dr. Narvaez. “We will not be able to achieve or invest in everything that is articulated in the strategic operating plan during this budget cycle. However, my expectation is that even in the midst of a very challenging budget scenario, we will take major steps forward in executing our goals and to significantly increase the quality of education across all schools.”
On April 19th, Superintendent Narvaez will present a two-year plan that aligns funding with the district’s Strategic Operating Plan: Cultivating Equity & Excellence.
“The 2016-2017 budget presents many challenges. These challenges also provide various opportunities to make the district more equitable and ready to meet the needs of our students,” said Dr. Narvaez. “To advance those goals, we need to make some important decisions, some of which are long overdue and precede my arrival to our district.”
The Equity 2020 Advisory Committee will be composed of parents, teachers, principals and community leaders. The group will be asked to help the district develop a plan that connects (a) facilities, (b) geography, (c) academic alignment and (d) school choice to maximize resources and opportunities for our students. The group will be asked to deliver recommendations to the Board of Education.
Hartford Public Schools has begun to make some structural decisions at the district and school levels. However, in order for the district to execute the plan and achieve educational equity for our students and families, there is an urgent need to fully align our systems and to make other strategic decisions.
“We have a full-blown budget crisis. We have to look at the number and size of our schools because we have a lot of very small schools and it is very unlikely that we can continue without consolidation,” stated Board Chairman Richard F. Wareing.
The first Equity 2020 Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for April 4th.

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