Superintendent Narvaez Kicks Off First Day of Class With Bus Tour of Three Schools

Superintendent Beth Schiavino-Narvaez, members of the Hartford Board of Education and invited guests from the business community, philanthropy, the public sector, community service and parents hopped on a bus provided by CT Transit on Tuesday, August 25, 2015 to tour the district’s latest educational attractions. This year’s tour will showcase three schools that made impressive achievements during the previous year: Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary School at 25 Ridgefield Street; the Academy of Engineering and Green Technology at 55 Forest Street and the Breakthrough Magnet School at 290 Brookfield Street.
Dr. Narvaez and Hartford Federation of Teacher's Jay Guittierrez join the community of men in welcoming students to Martin Luther King Jr. School.
The tour visited Martin Luther King Elementary School, where 2015 Teacher of the Year Leah Tarnowicz established an after-school mentoring program with the help of the Legacy Foundation of Hartford that has yielded positive results in student achievement. Principal Doreen Crawford, staff and students provided a beautiful, traditional drumming presentation, and local clergymen, businessmen, politicians, artists and community partners surprised arriving students with a cheering ganlet who welcomed the delighted children by name with applause and cheering.
AJ Johnson, pastor of Urban Hope Refuge Church welcomes our MLK students with cheers from Hartford businessmen, lawyers, community organizers, city politicians, artists, and neighborhood dignitaries.
Dr. Narvaez poses with the Martin Luther King Jr. School's traditional drumming ensemble.
Members of the Greater Hartford area Rotarians and Nick Paindiris from Brown, Paindiris & Scott (posing here with Dr. Narvaez) donated and delivered a backpack to every 1st grader at Hartford Public Schools.  The Robert Lord Company was the project's  major sponsor.
The tour progressed to Academy of Engineering and Green Technology at Hartford Public High School where Principal Mike Maziarz led the visitors through the classrooms where they could meet business partners, supporters and students to see robotics projects, a solar array, and the lunar rover; all the work and teaching that enabled the school to be named a National Green Ribbon School for 2015.
Dr. Narvaez chats with two Academy of Engineering and Green Technology students who are taking a mobile apps course.
AoEGT students present their building plans for a solar array.
At Breakthrough Magnet School at 290 Brookfield Street Principal Julie Goldstein will have parents and school stakeholders take the dignitaries on a tour of the school that will focus on the achievements that helped Breakthrough become the best magnet school in the United States for 2015. The tour was welcomed by all of the children who lined the school yard and the hallways that led to the library where the school's "mindfulness music orchestra" played relaxing tunes.  The school's founders and partners spoke of the history and impact of Breakthrough and then a moment of quiet "mindfulness" was shared by all.
HPS Chief of Staff is greeted by students at Breakthrough Magnet School.
Breakthrough students played beautiful, soothing music, guiding the tour in mindfulness.

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