Superintendent’s Greeting Card Contest Winners Announced!

Superintendent’s Holiday Greeting Card Contest Winners Announced!

This year there were over 238 pieces of art submitted for the Superintendent’s Holiday Greeting Card Contest.  I am thrilled to announce this year’s winners (in no particular order):
– Janyah Cotto, 2nd Grade, Sanchez School
– Julissa Gomez, 7th Grade, Noah Webster Magnet School
– Lorianny Carrion, 12th Grade, Classical Magnet School
– Adelisa Sabovie, 7th Grade, West Middle School
– Adonis Anderson, 3rd Grade, Kennelly School
– Tenia Franklin, Justina Thompson, & Nicolas Newman (collaboration piece), 12th Grade, Journalism & Media Academy Magnet School
– Christopher Light, 7th Grade, Annie Fisher STEM Magnet School
– Danneliz Velez, 5th Grade, Breakthrough South
– Phylicia Duncan, 8th Grade, Renzulli Academy
– Daniella Figueroa, 10th Grade, Classical Magnet School
– Mya Hoskie, 1st Grade, Kinsella Magnet School
– Nicole Santana, 5th, GLOBAL
Each winner will receive a packet of their cards (10 for each artist) and a reception with the Superintendent on 1/22/15. Thank you so much for the submissions!  As always, it was a joy to see student work here in Central Office.
Submitted by,
Jackie Coleman, Senior Executive Advisor for the Arts
and Drew Castiilo, Arts Intern


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