Superintendent’s Message from Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodríguez March 2017

Superintendent’s Message from Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodríguez March 2017

Dear Hartford Public Schools, Families, Colleagues, and Friends:

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”– Maya Angelou, prolific American author, poet, and civil rights activist

I love Hartford Public Schools. My hopes and dreams are wrapped around the success of each of our schools; my hours are spent ensuring that our children thrive. Our destination together as a community is to ensure that every one of our children has a safe, respectful and nurturing school environment.  We will continue to step up and become trusted, caring adults for our students, and we will dutifully report any harm that is or may be befalling the young people whose care we are responsible for.

Please visit for information and resources about becoming a part of the actions we are taking to build a culture of accountability, communication, respect and safety so each and every child can thrive.  Please attend our public forums at 5:30pm on March 23rd (Milner School,) March 30th  (Bulkeley High School,) April 6th (Journalism & Media Academy ) and April 20th  (Hartford Public High School) in which we will share information and collaborate in working sessions on preventing child abuse and neglect, recognizing the signs, mandated reporting, and getting help.  For questions regarding the HPS Action Plan, please call our special phone line at 860-200-7333, or email .

At Hartford Public Schools, we have a duty to protect our children and families regardless of immigration status, and provide to them an excellent, equitable education. We understand that the promise of educational opportunities draws immigrant families to our schools, and that they entrust us with the care of their children as they do their best to attain their highest hopes and dreams.  Please visit for information and resources.

March is National Social Workers Month; a time for us to honor our Social Workers, whose profession it is to enhance well-being and help meet the basic needs of all people, especially the most vulnerable in our society.  Please thank your school’s Social Worker, and then learn more at

The process of proposing and adopting a budget is in full-swing and it requires the robust participation of the whole school community; from our Central Office personnel to our students, principals, teachers, support staff, parents, guardians, partners and school neighbors.

I strongly encourage you to approach your principals, your SGCs and other school leaders to request information and participate in the budget development process. You may also visit https://www.hartfordschools.orgfor more information, and write to with your ideas. Watch our latest Conversations in Education show about Budget Challenges and Leveraging Community Partners.

Your participation and input is invaluable; parents and stakeholders are the keys to making our schools better and our communities stronger. You are the essential ingredient to help education thrive and to support the overall well-being of the children in our neighborhoods.

Let’s keep raising the bar and demand more from ourselves and those around us to achieve successful outcomes for our kids and our community. Let’s leverage all of our resources and all of our love on behalf of the children and young adults who are depending upon us for their future success.

Working together as a community, we will arrive at our destination, full of hope.

With gratitude for the opportunity to serve,

Your Superintendent,
Dr. Leslie Torres-Rodriguez

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