Supply Drive Helps Hartford Teachers

Supply Drive Helps Hartford Teachers

“Today is about teachers,” said Andrea Comer, executive director of Educators for Excellence Connecticut (E4E-CT) at the opening of the Teacher Supply Drive, held at Hartford Yard Goats’ Aetna Community Center on January 9, 2020.

The event drew city and state officials, including Commissioner of Education Miguel Cardona, State Senator Doug McCrory, Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin, and HPS Superintendent Leslie Torres-Rodriguez. The purpose was, as Comer said, to “shine a light on the need teachers have for resources”. E4E-CT’s response to that need was a wall of overstuffed bags with donated supplies for teachers who came.

NBC’s Bob Maxon served as emcee. The news network has reported on the topic of teacher resources, including a survey that quantified how much money teachers throughout the state typically spend on supplies for their classrooms.

The drive was designed to thank teachers and provide supplies. The donated bags included everything from copy paper to scotch tape, pens, pencils, easel pads, highlighters, composition notebooks and more.

In her remarks, Superintendent Torres-Rodriguez acknowledged that teachers often provide the supplies that students lack from home. “We know that in our context, in Hartford, in an urban context, we serve a community that has a higher level of need, and we are committed to equity,” she said. Students “come to us without some of the supplies that are needed to access learning. You are the ones that fill in the gaps oftentimes so that our students can not only to access but get to the education that they deserve.”

Sabrina Brini, a 6th and 7th grade teacher at Dwight Bellizzi School, who attended the event with her colleagues, was pleased to receive the support. “We are entirely grateful for the abundance and array of student material donated, and most important, to be recognized and supported,” she said.

The supply drive was supported by partners LAZ Parking, Penn Lincoln Strategies, Hartford Foundation for Public Giving, Alvin, Voices for Women of Color, and the Yard Goats.