Beverly Kissane was born and raised in Middletown. She was a track sprinter in high school and enjoyed riding horses and competing in shows. Mrs. Kissane was inspired to become a teacher from the joy of teaching her children to read and volunteering at their elementary school. Mrs. Kissane has been teaching at Capital Preparatory Magnet School for six years.


Mrs. Kissane pursued her teaching career at Central Connecticut State University, where she earned a B.S.E.D. in Elementary Education, as well as an M.S. in Educational Technology. Captivated by Sheff vs. O’Neil, Connecticut’s landmark desegregation case, she wanted to teach in Hartford where she could focus on equity in education for all children.


Mrs. Kissane enjoys delivering lessons that facilitate student collaboration and accountability. Technology has been a go to for Mrs. Kissane, and she uses it to teach inquiry-based STEM and problem solving in her classroom. She challenges students to dig deeper into their learning by becoming reflective practitioners who support their findings with data and evidence based results.


Mrs. Kissane is the Lead Mentor and she is a member of the Leadership Cohort Committee at Capital Prep.

Mrs. Kissane is the head coach for Girls on the Run at Capital Prep. This is her third season coaching girls in grades 3-5.

Mrs. Kissane is participating in a research cohort for AP Computer Science at Trinity College.


Recently, Mrs. Kissane’s most rewarding accomplishment has been coaching three teams that competed in the Odyssey of the Mind Tournament in March. Students in grades 4-8 competed statewide by solving long-term and spontaneous problems with no adult assistance. Students gained valuable, real-life communication and process skills. They experienced how failing is a part of learning and how to achieve goals through perseverance and commitment.


Mrs. Kissane prides herself in bringing communities and organizations together for the greater cause of educating our children. She says “We are preparing our children for a brighter, more prosperous future. Our country depends on them.”


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