Jennifer Edelman is a Social Studies Teacher who is recognized as a passionate, student-centered learning educator who strives to improve the learning and school culture in Hartford Public Schools. Jennifer attended St. Mary’s University of Minnesota where she earned her BAs and MAs in History/Social Science and Education. After graduating, Jennifer began working as a middle school history teacher at Christa McAuliffe Middle School in Boynton Beach, FL, where she taught for 13 years. During her tenure, Jennifer worked with students of all levels, served as a Teacher on Special Assignment working closely with the administration and staff, and served as the President of the School Activities Committee where she worked with all stakeholders to improve the culture and climate of the school.

Jennifer also earned her MA in Educational Leadership, Gifted and Talented certification, and mentoring
certification that allowed her to serve as a mentor for student teachers for many years. In 2020, Jennifer left her classroom in Florida and relocated to Connecticut to be closer to her family. In the summer of 2020 she was hired by Hartford Public High School as the social studies teacher for 11th/12th grade students. Jennifer hit the ground running her first year at the PUB. She became the Social Studies Department Lead, 11th Grade Team Lead, and member of the Instructional Leadership
Team. It was within these roles that she helped lead professional development and mentor other teachers on student-centered learning practices aligned to the Instructional Vision. She has also opened her door for cross-school collaborations in implementing student-centered learning. Jennifer is part of the Culture and Climate committee, head of the Student Activities Committee, Multicultural Event Committee, and TEAM Trained. She is the new SSD Coordinator for College Board assessments.

Every day Jennifer arrives at school eager to see her students and colleagues. Throughout her time at HPHS, Jennifer has developed lessons that allow her students to take control of their own learning and give them a voice. She knows each student and their interests, both inside and outside of the classroom. Using these connections, Jennifer has developed lessons that add to the students’ interests and curiosity. Within her new Historical Film Study class and her US History classes, Jennifer has created an environment that allows students to express their opinions in a safe space and promote discourse.

Jennifer understands the importance of student attendance. She works closely with the administration, and colleagues to develop incentives that promote a positive community, such as: PUBMAS, twelve fun-filled activities for students and staff to come together and celebrate; March Madness: friendly competition between grade levels, and currently organizing the Pie Your Teacher/Administrator In The Face, for students who have completed their college and career prep and have improved attendance. In addition, Jennifer has great relationships with her students’ families, and attends sporting and social events throughout the year.

Whenever Jennifer is asked about her school and students the biggest smile comes across her face. She considers them all family. Students affectionately call her “mom”, and flock to Jennifer’s room because of her open door policy. Students know even if they get in trouble, she will always be there for love and support. Everyone knows that they are welcomed in Jennifer’s room, and are able to get the support they
need, whether by eating chocolate, or if a staff member remembers COOKIE FRIDAY!

When not in her classroom, Jennifer is seen spending time with her family and friends, cheering on her niece riding horses and her nephew playing lacrosse, baking goods for her colleagues and family to show how appreciated they are, and even shopping for new classroom decorations. Her passion for teaching is evident in almost every thing she does. Jennifer is beyond honored to be a finalist for the Teacher of the Year for Hartford Public Schools.