The Judy Dworin Performance Project’s (JDPP) Moving Matters at Parkville School!



The Judy Dworin Performance Project’s (JDPP) Moving Matters at Parkville School!

Residencies are based in the belief that the arts can and do make a difference in the lives of children—opening up worlds of self-knowledge and awareness, expanding cognitive skills and providing tools for living. This year JDPP completed its 19th year with Parkville Community School on April 30, 2015 with the performance of There’s No Place Like the Parkville Galaxy! with live music and sets and an original story. The audience was invited to buckle up their seat belts and blast off on a journey through a wondrous and fantastic Parkville Galaxy—based on information about real planets in our solar system with a sprinkle of magic and imagination!

This incredible collaboration engaged every student in the school, kindergarten through fifth grade. As well as each classroom teacher, the art teacher worked with the students designing and painting their T-shirts; the music teacher rehearsed the songs and the physical education teacher provided invaluable support at the performance.

The program began in January with Teaching Artists from JDPP engaging the 3rd through 5th grade classrooms in exploring movement as a language in association with the Language Arts and Science Curriculum and Common Core Standards. Each 3rd through 5th  grade created a piece of the movement story, while the 2nd graders working with another Teaching Artist creating a song, and the 1st graders with JDPP Teaching Artists created opening constellations and sang the ending song with the kindergarteners as audience. The bleachers of the Ferris Athletic Center gym at Trinity College were packed with children, caregivers, Parkville staff and community visitors as the children danced, sang and performed with an ebullience and spirit that was inspiring to experience—they were an attentive audience for each other and focussed and expressive performers as well. This is a one-of-a kind collaboration and one which benefits all in learning, personal development and community building. And now onward and forward to the program’s 20th anniversary year in 2016!


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